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Shake Up Your Summer

A milkshake does a body good, or something like that.

At Mt. Kisco Diner, “you want fries with that shake?” isn’t an old-school pickup line, it’s a valid question. The milkshakes aren’t old school, either, and ordering one guarantees all eyes on you. 

I’ve been frequenting Mt. Kisco diner since my early twenties. I lived in a small apartment on Main Street and spent many evenings in its cozy booths. I was there in October of 2011 when an epic snowstorm knocked out power right after I ordered a hamburger deluxe; I was there picking up chicken noodle soup in my pajamas whenever I had so much as a sniffle; and I was there when there was nowhere else to go because the diner was open every day, year-round. Decades later, as a mom of two young girls, I value strong wifi at kid-friendly restaurants serving good food they’ll actually eat (the struggle is real), so I take my daughters to the diner often. 

Our most recent mommy-daughters diner visit was for a late weekend breakfast after glitter mani’s at the nail salon. The girls begged to deviate from their typical healthy meals to Oreo Cookie Pancakes and M&M Pancakes. Did I mention Mt. Kisco Diner has a menu category called Instagram Favorites? Parents, if your children can read, be prepared for this because they’re going to want it all. Lucky for my girls, I was feeling all I’m-not-a-regular-mom-I’m-a-cool-mom that day, so I said yes to the crazy pancakes. They ate 3 bites each but it made them happy, and I was the “best mom ever” for a record-breaking 30 minutes. 

Since we’re in the summer months, the girls like to pop into the diner for a milkshake, which is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the treat of the season. And much like my kids, the diner doesn’t mess around when it comes to milkshakes. While milkshake traditionalists will be happy to see classic flavors on the menu, the rest of the milkshake offerings require some serious decision-making. 

Whether you’re a Fruity Pebbles fanatic (**10-year old me raises her hand**), a Captain Crunch connoisseur, a Fruit Loops loyalist, or a Cinnamon Toast Crunch craver, the diner dares you to think outside the bowl and try your cereal blended with vanilla ice cream, with lots more cereal sprinkled on top. It’s the best way to eat cereal, like, ever. If you’re ready to live on the edge, the diner’s Mega Shakes make a mega scene, so order these when you’re ready to show off your pro skills. You’ll need to work your way around a delicious tower of toppings, from slices of cake and mounds of whipped cream to piled-high cookies and candies. Mega Shake flavors include Birthday Shake, Salted Caramel, Candyland, Blackout Shake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheesecake (WHATTT), Oreo S’mores, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Chip Cookie. 

So take your kids, or take yourself, but take my word for it: you DO want a shake and you DO want fries with it. I’ll see you there! @mtkiscodiner

"The diner’s Mega Shakes make a mega scene, so order these when you’re ready to show off your pro skills."