Shaken Not Stirred

Raise a glass with five Houstonians and their drinks of choice.

When it comes to preferred drinks, we all have our quirks. Some like to pop open a cold one after a long day, while others like a refined mix of only the best spirits to satisfy their palate. These five prominent Houstonians share their go-to drink of choice. 


Ryan Pressly

Occupation: Pitcher, Houston Astros 

Drink of choice: Texas whiskey on the rocks.

Reason: What can I say? I am a Texan through and through. There is nothing better than the burn of a first sip after a long day. 

Particulars: I am partial to Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey and Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey. Both taste great and are made right here in Texas.

About Ryan: After a 2020-2021 postseason run, Pressly recently signed on for another two years with the Astros. The pitcher will be the proud dad of two soon. In July, his wife Kat is expecting their second child, a girl.


Aaron Lyons

Occupation: Founder & CEO, 512 Restaurant Concepts; Dish Society and Daily Gather 

Drink of choice: The Spicy Margarita at Daily Gather is currently my go-to.

Reason: It’s bright and refreshing, especially sitting on the patio on a nice day after a long week.

Particulars: The Spicy Margarita is made with Lalo Blanco tequila, Dolfi orange liqueur, fresh lime, jalapeno, and agave.

About Aaron: Located in CityCentre, Lyons opened his latest concept Daily Gather in January. The beautifully designed restaurant provides a day-to-night space where people can gather over a shared meal. 


Lonnie Schiller

Occupation: Houston hospitality veteran. Founder, Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group and CultureMap; Partner, H3D Hospitality Design.

Drink of choice: Homemade martini with a splash of real lemonade and a mint leaf.

Reason: I grew up watching movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and that is what the movie stars drank. I still love a classic Y-shaped martini glass for that reason. 

Particulars: I prefer my martinis dirty. If it’s made with gin, Roxor is my gin of choice. If it’s made with vodka, Icelandic is the brand I like. 

About Lonnie:  Lonnie’s newest venture is Patterson Park Patio Bar, a multi-level neighborhood watering hole. Patterson Park offers an indoor/outdoor, dog-friendly space featuring 40+ oversized HDTVs, arcade and board games, fun programming, vibrant artwork, and spectacular downtown views across three levels.


Franklin A. Rose, MD

Occupation: Medical Director, Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

Drink of choice: Kombucha 

Reason: It tastes refreshing, is high in antioxidants and probiotics, it is excellent for the GI tract, and is the go-to drink for yoga enthusiasts.

Particulars: I enjoy GT Synergy Raw Kombucha. My favorite flavors are strawberry and hibiscus ginger. 

About Dr. Rose: The celebrity plastic surgeon was recently the subject of ABC Nightline’s new segment, The BIG REVEAL, where his work on Houstonians Julia Pecian and Elisa Musliu, who requested to look like their social media filtered selves, was unveiled. 


Omar Marcos

Occupation: Founder & Creative Director, Runway Houston 

Drink of choice: Negroni

Reason: Tastes fantastic and is the perfect sophisticated cocktail for any occasion.

Particulars: My favorite gin is Flower Moon Gin, a local artisan gin. 

About Omar: Fresh off the 10th anniversary of Runway Houston, Omar is gearing up for another first-rate fashion season. The fashion showcase began in 2021 to give emerging local designers, artists, and innovators a platform to showcase their visions. Runway Houston also features philanthropic efforts and works with students through its internship program. 

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