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Share Your Smile with the World

Doc Ak discusses the fun of being an orthodontist with SmileOn and RELAPSE

Your smile has the ability to match the happiness that you’re feeling on the inside with what you’re able to portray on the outside. But you might find yourself lacking the confidence to smile like you once did. That’s where SmileOn Orthodontics comes in. For Dr. Akash Pandya, also known as Doc Ak, the goal is to ignite that feeling of confidence in his patients.

“Often, a patient cries when we take everything off and reveal their new smile. They’re crying, I’m crying, the assistant that helped them that day is crying… It’s amazing to witness,” says Doc Ak. “They walk down our hallway with the music blaring, the strobe light going, and the candy cart ready with their family members surrounding them. That moment, no matter how many times I experience it, is a testament to great teamwork by our team, but also with our patients in achieving something beautiful.”

Doc Ak wouldn’t be where he is today without the man who helped to align his teeth and put him on the road to a healthy smile. That man would go on to be his first boss out of grad school.

“Not only did he treat me, but he also treated my sister and my brother,” says Doc Ak. “He had four locations that surrounded my childhood home and employed over 35 people from my local community. He was the go-to orthodontist in our area because he made going to the orthodontist fun.”

Early on, Doc Ak knew that he wanted to level up the orthodontic experience. Today, his team does everything in their power to ensure that patients are well taken care of. That sense of care extends to the team, as well. The mission behind SmileOn was to make them not only feel good about the work they do, but about the place they are doing it in.

“It was important for Sej—my wife and co-owner of the practice—and I to create a home away from home for our team. We wanted to build a place that they looked forward to coming to; a place where they feel supported and heard; a place where they do important work and feel a sense of community and a sense of pride,” says Doc Ak. “We dubbed our team the SmileOntourage because we not only have our patients’ backs, we have each others’ backs.”

It isn’t just in his Cedar Park office that Doc Ak is getting to uplift people in his field. A year and a half ago, the lead male vocal spot opened up for the orthodontist cover band, RELAPSE. Doc Ak was honored to be asked to join.

“I was nervous because although I had sung with choirs growing up, was part of two a cappella groups in college, and still jam with my cousins when we get together, this was the first time I would be performing with a full band. And one in which the members live all across the country,” says Doc Ak.

The other five members of RELAPSE can be found at their practices in Tennessee, Utah, Arizona, Minnesota, and Dallas. Because of the geographic separation, everyone learns their own parts of a song, then rehearses together for the first time on the day before the show. Despite that, each show has gone without a hitch.

“We have had the opportunity to perform in some really great cities like Miami, Scottsdale, and Austin, and some really cool venues like the ARIA Hotel in Vegas. Our next show is at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago for the annual American Association of Orthodontics meeting, and we’re expecting 6,000 people. Later this year, we’ll be performing on a naval carrier in San Diego,” says Doc Ak. “I still pinch myself and can’t believe that I get to perform with my fellow bandmates. We may just be the only all-orthodontist band in the world!”

If you are in need of orthodontic work, head to 1785 E Whitestone Blvd #200, Cedar Park or for a guaranteed stellar time with Doc Ak and the SmileOntourage.

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