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Natural, Alternative Products For People And Their Pets

When Rodney Croteau’s wife, Caroline, had to have spinal surgery 15 or so years ago, it was difficult to find the right pain medications because of her severe allergies. “When searching for alternative methods of pain management, we came across CBD [cannabidiols],” he says. “They helped her out tremendously and we've continued to use them throughout the years.”

Rodney, who was working in the corporate world, knew he wanted to help others find relief through CBD. “It was in the back of my mind to open a shop and really be able to do for others what we were able to do for ourselves.”

In 2019, he and his son, Hayden, who live in Spring Hill, founded Green Daisy, a CBD shop, in Franklin. “When I was in college, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and seeing how these products helped her when she was unable to take any of the anti-nausea or pain medications made me a true believer,” Hayden says. “I wanted to be a part of bringing this into other people's lives.”

Because there’s so much misinformation especially with negative connotations, Rodney and Hayden work hard to dispel many of the myths, and do this through education. They pride themselves on making people comfortable with these products and helping them choose what’s right for them.

“There are CBD products that anyone in the family can take, including children,” says Hayden. “These are products that are THC-free and safe for everyone. 

Our main goal, our mission, is to pass information along, and that's the reputation that we've garnered here over the past five years. People know that they can come to us and ask all kinds of questions and share very personal information.”

He says many people come in after traditional medications have failed them. “They’ve been through all the standard protocols and they’re not working, so they're looking for other options. That's when we get to meet a lot of the people we deal with.”

Rodney, Hayden and their team get a lot of satisfaction when customers come back after a month or so of using their products and tell them how much they’ve helped them. “That's what makes it all worthwhile for us, and that's why that medicinal side is really a huge market for us,” says Rodney.

Customers range in age from 20-somethings all the way up to those in their 80s and 90s. Their biggest issues, he says, are chronic pain management, insomnia and anxiety. “People are trying to get away from prescription and over-the-counter medications that can leave them feeling groggy. 

Since a good amount of their customers are seniors and veterans, they extend a 10 percent discount to them. In addition to helping people, Rodney and Hayden are huge animal lovers who want to make their customers’ furry, four-legged family members feel better too. “We have a lot more pet products than most of what you'll find in these types of shops,” says Rodney. “We have products that are dedicated to cats, dogs, and horses - we've got them all covered.”

Quite a number of people visit after their veterinarians have recommended these types of products, or they hear another pet lover talking about them. Many of the issues are the same as people - pain management and anxiety. “We help with a lot of hip and joint issues, separation anxiety, and car phobias.”

The two ensure that all the products they sell at Green Daisy are safe and effective. “The important thing that we tell people, no matter where they’re buying these types of items, is to make sure there are independent lab results on the products being offered,” says Rodney. “We don’t offer anything that doesn’t have an independent third-party certificate of analysis. And if we’re still not 100 percent sure of its quality, we’ll also have it tested at our lab here in Tennessee.”

They also try every product personally before it's offered, which they say is a fun perk of their job. Stop in and find out how they can help you, your family, and your pets feel better naturally. @ GreenDaisyFranklin

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