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Connecting With This Unique Community For Women Veterans, Military Spouses And Dependents

She Vets It founder, Althea Williams, is a US Army combat veteran. She's also a trailblazing podcast host who created an online community and "safe space" for women veterans and their families to provide resources and support from others who have shared experiences.

The She Vets It podcast explores topics regarding mental health, career development and issues important to women. Frisco City Lifestyle caught up with Althea to learn more about her endeavors.  

Althea lived in Frisco prior to joining the military. While she currently resides in nearby Prosper, she has workspace at The Formation at The Star in Frisco. "I've worked with many Frisco organizations, and have strong ties to the community. I'm participating in the Frisco Veteran Advisory Council, and co-chairing the first Frisco Veteran Resource Expo on Sept. 20-21," she says. 

Her goal is to get a proclamation to host Women Veteran's Day every year, given that Women Veterans Day has been an official holiday in Texas since 2017. "We'll have a kick-off celebration on June 12, and I'm excited to be a part of this initiative."


"This community was born out of my own experiences as a disabled Army woman veteran. I joined the military at age 39 with an MBA focused on advanced community studies, and a  background as an executive director, small business development center assistant and public policy researcher. But my life took a dramatic turn when I enlisted in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan. I lost several of my battle buddies and dealt with PTSD. While stationed in Germany, I experienced a traumatic brain injury from a head-on collision that changed my life forever. Despite my medical challenges, I was determined to use my experiences to make positive impacts for women veterans and their families.

"She Vets It was created because I understood the power of community in healing, and it was what I was looking for when I returned home from deployment. I didn't expect it to expand beyond my local area; however, it's grown into listeners and supporters from across the United States and internationally."


"We seek a wide variety of guest speakers who can share unique perspectives as they relate to women veterans and families, not to exclude our male veteran supporters. I aim to provide audiences with a diverse range of voices, from veterans to service providers, advocates and experts in women's entrepreneurship, health, employment, education, career training and more."


"The Clubhouse app is a free, social networking platform and incredible tool that allows users to participate in live, audio conversations with other users. I started the club in 2021. There's no charge to be part of it at Clubhouse.com/club/SheVetsIt. It's live on Instagram every Thursday, and soon will be increasing reach on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.

"I'm incredibly grateful for those who found hope and community through our platform. It's an honor to have the support of film producers, television show producers, numerous podcasters, several cities, municipalities within the DFW community, universities and major corporations who recognize the She Vets It audience for their service."


"I refer those who reach out for help with employment, mental health and financial support to organizations like Texas Veteran Network, Combined Arms program, Texas Veteran Commission and other vetted organizations, because what I do is for educational purposes only. 

"I speak at events and conferences to discuss diversity and inclusion; the veteran transition and how to celebrate inclusive behavior within organizations; or important issues relating to military women, such as mental health, health care access, homelessness, employment and transitioning to civilian life. Women veterans often face unique challenges, including a lack of understanding or resources tailored to their specific needs."


"I'm excited to sponsor the North Texas Training for the Veteran Sponsorship Initiative, a VHA program on June 29 at the Formation Star. It's a program that matches transitioning service members with community-based sponsors to provide one-on-one support during the military-to-civilian transition.

"I rely on the support of listeners and supporters to continue the mission of bringing awareness of our women veterans. Everyone can subscribe to She Vets It on the website, follow on social media platforms, listen to the podcasts, volunteer time or resources with local VFW and American Legion organizations, and donate to these organizations.

"She Vets It is not a nonprofit organization, but will be in the future. By working together, we can ensure women veterans and their families receive the support and resources they need to succeed in their civilian lives."

Facebook: She Vets It 
Instagram: @she_vets_it 
Twitter: @shevetsit

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