Sheltered from the Storm

Protect Your Family with a Southern Safe Room

Each year, tornadoes and extreme windstorms endanger lives and cause millions of dollars of property damage. Most homes, even new ones constructed according to current building codes, do not provide adequate protection for families seeking cover from these events.

David Tidwell, Vice President of Southern Safe Rooms, says, “The National Weather Service in Tulsa estimates that Oklahoman sees about 10% of all the tornadoes in the United States. That’s more than 70 tornadoes each year in our state alone.” 

Tornadoes can occur any time of the day or night and can send wind borne debris through the air like a missile. Having a safe room built for your home can help provide the best protection for you and your family.

Safe Room Standards

The purpose of a safe room is to provide a space where you and your family can survive a tornado without injuries. Southern Safe Rooms are built to withstand an EF5 tornado and are designed to be installed above ground, inside your home or garage.

Southern Sheet Metal, metal fabricators for 115 years, manufactures Southern Safe Rooms. All designs meet or exceed stringent impact guidelines established by FEMA sections 320/361 and IICC500. To ensure quality, the company put its products to the test at Texas Tech University’s Wind Science & Engineering Research Center. The safe rooms passed with flying colors.

Custom Features & Sizes

Safe Rooms aren’t just for storm protection. They can be used year-round as a place to store valuables. And because Southern Safe Rooms manufacture their products, clients can customize their safe room to their specific needs.

Tidwell says, “We have customized many safe rooms to fit in unusual spaces and can add custom features such as gun racks and fire proof insulation for use as a gun safe. We can also bullet proof the room for use as a panic room in case of burglary or home invasion.”

For new construction or additions, Southern Safe Rooms work closely with building contractors to turn any closet space into a safe room.

Storm Shelter Registration

Tidwell suggests registering your new safe room with the City of Tulsa’s Storm Shelter Registry. It provides information to emergency responders to help locate citizens after a natural disaster should your safe room be blocked by debris. Register online with your utility account number.

Safety Resource Guide

Be prepared this storm season. Visit Weather.gov/wrn/spring-safety for tornado terminology and valuable spring safety tips. To put together an emergency disaster kit, check out Ready.gov/build-a-kit. For more information about storm shelters and safe rooms, call Southern Safe Rooms at 918.584.3371 or explore SouthernSafeRooms.com.

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