She's A Local Lady

Hailey Reidhead, host of 'She's A Lady' Podcast

Hailey Reidhead wants to hear from other women. She says she has always been interested in the stories of everyday women. She began as a hairstylist, chatting with customers as she did their hair. For the past year, she has interviews women for her podcast called, She's A Ladyed

Hailey has spoken to women from both Queen Creek and Gilbert, and some further afield, but she keeps it local for the most part. Similar to her podcast, she wants these conversations to be honest and relatable. Her guests have touched upon subjects like running a business, pregnancy, divorce, recovery, and more. 

In their own ways, many have been inspiring or educational, but more than anything Hailey wants her listeners to feel connected. While some subjects can be deep, Hailey says that is not her main goal. Her real objective is to give people hope and not feel so isolated, whatever their circumstances might be. Hailey has also kept it light with 'bad date' stories submitted by her listeners. 

Those listeners have grown too. Her podcast has had some 500 downloads. Plus, last year she hosted a party for her listeners in which over 200 attended. Clearly, women need to hear from other women. Hailey's one to one format which allows her to do a deep dive with her guest provides that intimacy and unscripted conversation that many of us can recognize.

To hear more of Hailey on She's A Lady, you can find her on Apple, Spotify, or Instagram @shes_a_lady_podcast. 

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