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She’s Unstoppable

She’s a force- for good - to be reckoned with

While it may be a gender stereotype to believe that women are great at multi-tasking, Brooke Tometich does a pretty good job of lending credence to that assumption. She’s a wife, mother, marketing director, cheer coach, and co-founder of NaSHEville, LLC. NaSHEville is an apparel company, but it’s also the culmination of many life experiences and pieces of Tometich’s heart. The brand was designed with a purpose in mind, which was to give back to orphans, widows, and trafficked women. 

And for Tometich, that mission is deeply personal. She started working in Network Marketing over 12 years ago, and through this experience, she connected with many families who, as she puts it, were “made complete by adoption.” This laid the foundation for Tometich and her husband to decide that this was the way that they wanted to complete their family (with a previously born son) as well. She reflects, “We felt a huge tug from the Lord to adopt and were matched with a perfect little girl the day after we went officially active in the adoption system.” And though the Tometich’s adoption story was initially seamless, she describes a point at which it became a struggle – which ultimately served as motivation. “This is when I fell straight to my knees and surrendered everything to the Lord. I knew what I was meant to do with my life – ministry with teenage girls and do everything I could to bring awareness and help babies get adopted.” 

This was the impetus for NaSHEville. Tometich was able to utilize her marketing savvy, her passion for “speaking life into women” (which she had done both by leading life groups at church and by being a hairstylist – to which she quips, “we all know our hairstylists are our therapists”), and her appreciation of art/fashion. She joined forces with Mattie Jackson, who is the writer and voice of the NaSHEville blog (as well as being responsible for ‘all things logistics’). Tragically, one month before the launch, the mission of NaSHEville became personal for Jackson, when her husband passed away from a traumatic brain injury and she was widowed in her 20s. With their mission all the more clear, they launched in 2018. “We have been able to connect with so many organizations that have given their life's work to help orphans, widows and trafficked women.” 

These organizations include Love One Int, End Slavery TN (now known as AnchoraTN), Modern Widows Club, Never Alone Widows, and all local foster care agencies. Through the experience of launching their brand and partnering with these charitable organizations, Tometich and Jackson have been able to give back through their clothing sales, host drives, and bring awareness to these worthy causes. “We always said we didn't want to reinvent the wheel because there were already so many great organizations doing the work, we just wanted to be at the center of the wheel and help connect everyone to an audience!” 

Therefore, with an eye towards the future, Tometich and Jackson are currently working on evolving and reshaping NaSHEville, with more of a focus on a non-profit side (which they’re calling ‘She’s In The City’) to host events and give back to the community. “We hope to be able to expand to so many other cities and encourage women everywhere to get involved with nonprofits.” And if there’s anybody who’s up to that task, it’s Tometich. 

Find NaSHEville on Instagram- @nasheville
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We didn't want to reinvent the wheel, we just wanted to be at the center of the wheel and help connect everyone to an audience!

  • Photo credit: Chelsea Shae Photography
  • Photo credit: Chelsea Shae Photography

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