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Commitment to Community - Shingle all the Way Campaign

They are familiar faces in Cherokee County; Matt and Chelsea Winters are synonymous with innovation, personality, and networking. They are an influential power couple that cares about gratitude, humor, and humility in their relationships and leadership. In their business, they've built a state-of-the-art roofing company committed to elevated excellence with a heartbeat for community service. Their company is Terminus Roofing and Restoration, and the name has several symbolic ties to this area. Terminus, derived from the Latin word "terminare," signifies the point where journeys begin and end. As many Georgians know, "Terminus" carries a deep historical resonance - it was the original name for Atlanta, denoting the last stop on the railroad connecting the Midwest to the East Coast. 

Matt has spent over a decade crafting his expertise in the industry, and & Chelsea, a self-made ATL businesswoman & entrepreneur, has a proven history and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, she is hyper-focused on the growing team’s culture and consistent customer impact: “We’re built on collaboration and support, celebrating everyone’s hard work and constantly pushing each other to the highest levels of excellence.”

Every Christmas season, the Terminus team gives back in the heartwarming "Shingle all the Way" campaign, giving a roof away to a family in need. Selected from nominations by the very community they cherish, this act of generosity reinforces their commitment to serving others and their unwavering support for the people who make their success possible. “We understand that a home is not a privilege for all,” says Matt, “this is our way to ensure those in need can experience the warmth and security of a beautiful roof.”

Continuing their tradition of giving back to the local community, Terminus Roofing and Restoration had the privilege of gifting Goshen Valley Boys Ranch not one new roof but THREE in 2023! Goshen Valley Boys Ranch provides care and a nurturing environment for boys facing adversity and challenges. By supporting Goshen Valley, Terminus offers physical protection and a symbol of hope and security to young men facing overwhelming challenges. Their contribution ensures that Goshen Valley homes can continue to be a place of transformation and healing, where the boys can build a brighter future. The Terminus team's influence marks a new chapter and a profound transformation in the lives of all who engage with them. Excellence is elusive both in serving others and building new projects. It requires consistent vision, discipline, and respect for both customers and craft. In the world of luxury living, every detail matters. Work reflects character, and any discerning homeowner seeks perfection in every facet of a service provided.

At the heart of their daily business acumen lies a commitment to marrying functionality with beauty. For those who demand nothing but the best for their properties, Terminus excels in delivering state-of-the-art solutions. Whether it's a luxury boutique home or a historic Canton commercial property, they ensure your partnership stands out, exuding craftsmanship and durability. Terminus stands firm in a trustworthy commitment to consummate excellence. 

Luxuriousness knows no bounds; from majestic slate roofs that hark back to a bygone era of elegance to modern innovations in roofing, they offer a wide array of choices. Terminus has the expertise to make your vision a reality and was honored with the 2023 Step Diamond and GA Safety Excellence award for Commercial Construction. 

As your last stop for roofing and restoration needs, Terminus carries on the tradition of its namesake, Atlanta's Terminus, by connecting the past with the present. Just as the original Terminus marked the beginning and end of a journey, Terminus serves those in need and marks the beginning of an era of luxury with upstanding character. There are no shortcuts to excellence, but the journey is to achieve it with a heart and care for others—We Trust Terminus.


"It's a moment of grace when we elevate our efforts, nurturing comfort and serenity for those who need it most. These boys, they are priceless." - Chelsea Winters

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