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Shorty's rescue horses

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Shorty's Safe Haven

Healing Hearts & Changing Lives

Article by Lillian Taylor

Photography by Downwind Photography, Ashley Roberts

Originally published in Gulf Coast City Lifestyle

You won't meet a more dedicated individual than Amber Buswell with Shorty's Safe Haven. When it comes to God, Grit, & Grace, she's got all three covered. Amber started Shorty's Safe Haven a few years ago and specializes in Equine Therapy for foster children and at-risk youth. 

"There's something about watching two living beings who have really been through something that has changed them both, healing each other, it's a beautiful thing. God has given us these magical beings that truly work wonders for these kids and families. We want to reach more people in our community," says Buswell. 

For more information or to become involved call or email:

(251) 213 - 8526 

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