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Showing and Going

After more than three decades in real estate, Becky Frey has seen it all.

Article by Emily C. Laskowski

Photography by Becky Frey - Compass Realty

Originally published in Park Cities Lifestyle

She was born and raised in Arkansas, but Becky Frey has been a part of the Park Cities for nearly 40 years. A fixture in the residential real estate scene, Frey moved to Dallas to attend SMU and has been here ever since. We asked Frey—who can be found walking her dogs, shopping at Hermès (orange is her favorite color), or enjoying Le Bilboquet with friends when she’s not working—just what buyers and sellers should expect in the coming months.

Park Cities Lifestyle: First, what everyone wants to know. What are you expecting in the Park Cities real estate market this Spring?

Becky Frey: We’re coming off a wild last 18 months in the real estate market and now we are starting to see a more “normal” market. We are seeing fewer concessions from buyers than we did a year ago, but with inventory still historically low and the constant influx of people and companies moving here every day, it is likely we will still see competition among buyers.

PCL: Based on that, what should buyers and sellers be doing right now?

BF: Regardless of the market, sellers should always keep their homes in tip-top shape: fresh paint, declutter, landscaping, staging, etc. are all things that pay off and get you the most money.  

Buyers should have their finances in order—make sure you have cash readily available and you’ve spoken to your lender so you know exactly what you can afford.  Find a great agent with a vast network that can help you buy something off market. 

PCL: What do you love about Dallas and this area?

BF: It’s a big city with a small-town heart. I love that Dallas has all the fixings of a huge metro area, but I run into people I know all over town. I love that!

PCL: You graduated from SMU, and now Becky Frey-Compass Realty is the “Official Real Estate Team of SMU Athletics.” What does that mean to you?

BF: It is so exciting and I am so honored for my team to be the Official Real Estate group of SMU.  You carry your college experience with you the rest of your life, make incredible connections and friends, and it has been so meaningful and fun to get to be a part of SMU again. 

PCL: When it comes to finding the right home, what advice do you give your clients most often?

BF: I’ve been doing this a long time and my clients know that I have seen a lot through the years—they trust my experience. My best advice would be to buy the home that’s right for you, that you love, regardless of the market. Real estate has always fluctuated, so I tell my clients to go with their gut. 

PCL: Have you taken your own advice when it comes to finding the right place?

BF: Yes, I have lived in my home for about 20 years and love it more now than the day I moved in.  It’s fun to take a place that you love so much and update it with the times and your own changing style. 

PCL: And have you ever thought about moving?

BF: I have seen some incredible properties that I could definitely imagine living in and have thought about it from time to time. But I love my house and it would take something extraordinary to make me move. 

PCL: What else do you love about what you do?

BF: I love our Park Cities community. It is special in so many ways, the safe streets, the unbeatable convenience, beautiful architecture—but most of all the community in general is so fun and welcoming. I love what I do, the best part is playing matchmaker and finding my clients the perfect home. And it is so humbling when clients come back to me and say, “Becky, we’re ready for our next move.” Whether it’s driven by schools, location, home size or anything else, I love getting to work for my clients.

With inventory still historically low and the constant influx of people and companies moving here every day, it is likely we will still see competition among buyers.

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