Showing Up for Yourself

Anytime Fitness Owner Jack Hart shares tips for staying fit and motivated

Showing up is the first step for almost anything.

For Jack Hart, owner and operator of Henderson’s Anytime Fitness, showing up is the most important fitness advice he can give to anyone on their fitness journey.

Just show up. 

Jack fell in love with the gym at an early age. When he was around nine years old, he stepped into a gym for the first time. The feeling was magnetic.

“When I walked into this place and saw the people who were there, it immediately made me want to be better than who I was,” shared Jack. He would go on to join the Marine Corps, serving a tour in Iraq shortly after 9-11. Understanding the toll war could take on the mind and body made his dedication to fitness even more important.

Jack still understands how hard it can be to harness motivation to work out. “Even as the owner of a gym, there were stints where I wasn’t working out at all,” he admitted. As most do, Jack had some difficult times in his life where his health was neglected. During these times, he felt heavier, physically and emotionally.

“Once I made it a priority, my whole life got better,” he insisted. “Because I’m physically fit, I’m more confident, which translates to being a better boss, a better partner, a better coach, a better friend.”

Too often, what keeps many people from making the gym a part of their routines is inexperience or setting unrealistic expectations, which can lead to burnout or injury. Jack Hart has advice for both.

“Make [working out] a part of your day, whether that’s before work, on your lunch hour, or before bedtime. Whatever time consistently works best for you,” he shared. “Being consistent [is crucial]. Because creating a healthy pattern significantly increases your chances of success. Schedule time to go to the gym and follow through with that commitment as you would with any other important appointment.” Members who follow this rule will have real, long-term results.

One way Jack encourages new clients to start is: first, make small goals, and second, make small progressions from there — even if that means just coming in for a short walk and then progressively adding in more time and effort.

The next step is to find the right place to help challenge you, educate you, and help you grow.

Jack prides himself in knowing his members by name and what they need on their fitness journey. His gym provides an environment where members can feel safe and comfortable. Jack explained, “Anytime Fitness is great for helping with accountability and motivation.”

The Anytime Fitness coaches and staff excel at helping their members overcome their fears about the gym — especially those who are new to fitness. Anytime Fitness lacks the intimidation of larger gyms. It’s a smaller, more personal experience with a great selection of equipment. And best of all? No crowds. 

Jack relates coaching to education: college students enroll with the idea that their formal education will serve as an investment in their future careers. “Our coaching provides the education that will translate into a healthier, fitter mind, body, and soul for the rest of your life,” Jack asserted.

“I actually move better at 46 years old than I did at 26 years old, and so do many of my clients,” Jack shared.

One of Jack’s clients started coaching while suffering from severe back pain that restricted his mobility. By putting in the time consistently with Jack’s personalized coaching methods, he’s gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost almost 40 pounds of fat. What’s more, he’s moving without pain.

The first thing he did? He showed up.

Pull Quote: “I actually move better at 46 years old than I did at 26 years old, and so do many of my clients.”

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