Simple Living in Trilith

Living small has large benefits. Micro homes are making an impact in our community.

If you visit the Town at Trilith, you will see clusters of 370 – 500 square foot homes, known as micro-homes. Director of Residential Construction, Brett Baker, promotes the lifestyle. “We believe that quality should not have to go to the wayside just because it’s minimal.”

The Trilith community places the importance of people and interaction over physical objects. “We wanted to offer a minimalistic home. A home that would require less maintenance and less material items,” Baker explains. The micro-homes are clustered into groups of 3-6, creating a unique experience of community. “A home for you that is less stressful, where you can enjoy your place of refuge, but have the time and ability to do and focus on other things – to go outdoors and enjoy your community.”

Building them to be eco-friendly is valuable, it provides homeowners with low expenses and smart home technology. "They are geothermal, can be a net-zero solution, ready for solar panels, and have an average utility bill of $28-30,” Baker states. “A smaller footprint means a smaller impact on the earth. Micro-homes require less material to build and fewer resources to run them.”

There will be 50 micro-homes built at Trilith, ranging from $200K - $280K. This is your chance to have a better quality of life that involves less clutter and stress.

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