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Get Five-Star Amenities at Home via Chrysalis Luxury Concierges

A premier, community-wide concierge company all began in a restaurant during 2012 when then-hostess Dawn McCall wanted to make dining guests especially delighted for special occasions.  

"One night, a doctor hoped to celebrate her 50th birthday at the restaurant I worked, and she asked about table decorations because she didn't have time to do it herself," Dawn says. "She was so disappointed when the restaurant didn't have a way to do that, I got wind of it and volunteered to do it for her. That led to more people wanting special decorations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and engagements, and to me wanting their tables to look pretty and to help whoever was organizing occasions from getting frantic over all those details. That's when I realized there could be a market for this individual type of service."

Now, Dawn and her team of personal care managers provide various types of personalized services for clients of her company, Chrysalis Luxury Concierges. She assures they are professional, insured and bonded. 

"Our aim is to go above and beyond expectations," Dawn says. 

Chrysalis services throughout the DFW region include household management, grocery deliveries, private transportation, childcare management details, moving liaisons, luxury item procurement, home staging, pet care, domestic services and personal shopping.

"We perform the same concierge services done in New York, California and London," Dawn adds. 

Indeed, concierge and client organizational-based businesses have been mushrooming in U.S. towns such as San Francisco and Chicago since the mid-1990s. 

Dawn's company also can serve as Airbnb property managers for day-to-day needs, including setting up chefs and spa services. She says clients can become members to tap into a package of customized services, or they can purchase blocks of time for specific reasons. 

When it comes to groceries, Dawn says it's gotten interesting with so many people's dietary restrictions and allergies, but they've devised ways to accommodate detailed, safe approaches for food and beverages. 

"What I like best about this business are the people we get to meet and work with. We're never, ever, ever bored, because client needs are hardly ever the same thing twice." 

Dawn says she likes to think of her company's whole client-centric approach as, "Manage life by managing time." To that end, she offers what she calls "lifestyle management time blocks."

"This year, we're taking holiday reservations for clients on a first-come, first-served basis for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially to help those who may be hosting guests. We can decorate, buy gifts, help with itineraries, transport and set up catering, even though we're not an event planner or caterer company ourselves."

—Dawn McCall, proprietor, Chrysalis Luxury Concierges