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Expert tips for removing obstacles in your home with Ciara Lindley

Sorted Spaces & Design is a professional organizing business based in Cedar Park. Its team is driven by a passion for creating maintainable systems and more motivated mindsets. Whether you have a lack of time or are just feeling overwhelmed, the ladies behind Sorted Spaces & Design have your home covered. Hire Audra Buxton, Victoria Benningfield, and owner Ciara Lindley to tackle your physical clutter so that you can achieve less mind clutter. Connect with the team at sorted-spaces.com.


Sort “like” items into general groups that make sense to you. A few options are by similarities, color, size, user, or alphabetically. Every item needs a home, so designate a practical space for your categorized belongings that fits the lifestyle of you and your family.


Eliminate expired, unused, broken, unwanted, and duplicate items by donating, recycling, or discarding them routinely. With less clutter and more visibility, over-purchasing is prevented, maintaining systems is easier, and additional space is created for what you really love!


Recruit another pair of eyes for a fresh perspective on furniture placement, interior design, and implementation of the strategic flow of systems. You can brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other, and discover different, unique, and improved solutions for a more aesthetic and functional space.

Ciara Lindley is a Jesus and nature-loving wife and mom of two littles, born and raised in Austin, TX, with a passion for serving others through organization and design.

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