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Beautiful Food

At Mariposa, owner Lisa Dahl awakens all the senses.

The light glints off  original artwork that adorns the walls, even specks shine like gems off the tabletop accoutrements, and then there are the sweeping views from wherever you sit of the majestic Red Rocks of Sedona. Amid this glamour, a black earthenware plate is set before you where, carefully displayed, is a fragrant shrimp ceviche with tostada chips, the colors as bold and inviting as the flavors that will entertain your tastebuds. 

At the Latin inspired restaurant, Mariposa, owner and chef, Lisa Dahl has set the stage for an entire culinary experience. This is not merely about sating your hunger. Dahl wants you to soak it all in, the light, the views, the atmosphere, as well as the taste.  She says that she learned how important ambiance can be and how all of your senses can be 'nourished'. This is not to say the food takes a back seat, instead it is meant to create a mindful, even reverential setting to an exciting and colorful menu. 

 Each plate, each recipe, is done with care and consideration. In fact, an entire story is set before you as you take your first bite. Dahl traveled to South America to research the food, the people, and the culture. She visited Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina to study the various spices, the wine, and the methods. She returned with both knowledge and inspiration, resulting in Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly. 

A self-taught cook, Dahl continues to push herself to create and innovate. However, she remains committed to quality ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, and local. Looks matter too, and the presentation will include pops of color to hint at the flavors to come. Dahl began in the fashion industry before she even entered the restaurant business and has an eye for style. This flair clearly extends to the plate where she embraces the 'outrageously delicious' Latin foods.

There are fish tacos served alongside a 3 seed cilantro slaw which is light and fresh. At Mariposa they also make their very own hand made empanadas served with a chimichurri sauce. There are a selection of mouth-watering meats, but Dahl's soups and salads are equally as enticing. Mariposa is just one of six restaurants that Dahl owns and runs in Sedona. In addition she has written cookbooks and has been featured on the Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay, Forbes Magazine, and more. 

Dahl's mantra, 'When you cook with love, you feed the soul.' is what continues to drive her passion for great food, and a Sedona gem.

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