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Daria Gledhill and Chelsea Rusch

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Sisters at Work

Daria Gledhill and Chelsea Rusch are sisters and co-owners of the Rusch-Gledhill Group.

Daria Gledhill and Chelsea Rusch are realtors, co-workers, and sisters. If some might find working alongside family a challenge, these sisters knew for a long time that they wanted to be in business together. 'We have similar personalities, work ethic, and motivation.' Chelsea says. Above all, the trust between them is evident. While Chelsea has been in real estate in one form or another since 1999, Daria worked in TV production and even co-founded a charity in 2007. 

Their path to working side by side only really presented itself when Daria, along with her husband and son, moved from California to Arizona. The sisters set up their own brokerage, Rusch Gledhill Real Estate in 2020. In 2022 they then decided to join forces with North&Co and start a team there, called the Rusch Gledhill Group. Since it began as a family enterprise, it is no wonder then that they treat their clients as family too. Daria describes it as a 'holistic' approach to real estate. Chelsea whole-heartedly agrees saying with a laugh, 'We wear a lot of hats.' She is not joking either, from helping organize movers, to cleaners, even taking clients on a tour of their potential town and neighborhood so that they can really envision their lives there. 

Daria and Chelsea deeply understand, not only the significance of the financial investment but also the very personal nature of finding and establishing a home. The emotions involved are an aspect of the job they don't dismiss. When they say 'holistic' they mean it, even their Instagram page which has plenty of real estate advice, is also filled with everything from where to shop and eat to recipes and more. For their clients, the combination of their real estate knowledge and support certainly helps, but the sisters also manage to inject some fun and energy in what they do as well. They turn what could be a stressful search and instead focus on what really matters.

As to Queen Creek, Daria and Chelsea believe that the town stands somewhat apart from her neighboring towns and cities. The key difference being immense growth. In spite of inventory being low, there are a number of new builds and also a lot of land still available with no HOA and therefore plenty of opportunity. Queen Creek is seeing a lot of change, it is up and coming, and anyone driving around can testify to all the building happening on every corner. 

Chelsea herself bought a home in Queen Creek back in 2006, she moved away before returning in 2020. The contrast she witnessed in the town was huge. Yet even they agree that despite all this growth, Queen Creek has managed to hold on to its farming traditions and rustic feel. The 'small town with big city conveniences' is part of Queen Creek's appeal.  You can enjoy a day at the farm and buy fresh eggs, but also get some Asian fare at Sushi Creek (their favorite place to eat).

There is no doubt it is an exciting time to be a part of Queen Creek's transformation. Daria and Chelsea hope to help more clients get their foot on the property ladder here and elsewhere in the East Valley. All the same, it came as no surprise when I asked what their favorite part of the job was that Daria replied, 'Working with my sister.' Chelsea echoed her sister's statement, 'We have a lot of fun.'

'We have similar personalities, work ethic, and motivation.' - Chelsea Rusch

  • Daria Gledhill and Chelsea Rusch