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Sizzle & Serve: Blue Print’s Guide to Summer Gatherings

The designers at furniture boutique and art gallery Blue Print share their secrets for a perfect summer soiree.

From the time we’re kids, summer has been characterized by a few core tenants: sunshine, relaxation and (most importantly) fun. Whether you’re spending a weekend poolside or having a backyard barbecue with friends, the key to hosting an unforgettable get-together is bringing that same playful summertime magic to your space. 

How does one do this? According to the designers at furniture boutique and art gallery Blue Print—Cynthia Collins, Caroline Eastman, Leslie Jenkins, Carrie Jane Pogoloff and Lucy Ward—, it all goes back to that primary essence of summer: have fun with it! We sat down with them to learn their secrets for taking a sunny season soiree up a notch.

Color Outside The Lines

One of the key summer entertaining trends Blue Print’s designers are noticing is the fearless mixing and layering of patterns, colors and textures. “No need to put too much focus on pairing things that ‘match’ perfectly,” the designers say. “Don’t let the little voice in your head keep you from trying something unexpected. Some of the best tablescapes we’ve created have come as a result of much trial and error, and very unexpected pairings!” 

Different colors evoke different emotions, so try adding an adventurous pop of color to give your guests a joyful feeling. Or, if color isn’t your thing, try layering as many textures as you can. 

“Visual interest is key,” the designers say. “The more visual information your guests have to take in, the more delighted they will feel. Of course, cohesion is key.”

Pair Blue Print’s patterned Hydra dishes with the Citrus Garden Tablecloth to add a bit of sophistication to any table, while remaining playful and approachable.

In With The Old

Vintage is a hot trend in all spaces right now, but especially the intermingling of modern and antique pieces in interior design. “It only makes sense that these interior trends would translate to entertaining as well,” they say. “What better way to appreciate grandma’s silver tray than to use it to serve your loved ones? Pop a few of our colored glasses on an antique tray to serve your friends and dress up the evening a bit.” 

If you have some antique pieces you’d like to use but aren’t sure how to style them, Blue Print offers tabletop consultations in-store. “Clients can meet one-on-one with a tabletop manager who can answer any questions they have,” the designers say. “Clients can also bring in items they have to mix and match with new items from Blue Print. We have multiple rooms of in stock items that can be taken home for a party that night.”

Set Up For Success

To nail your summer soiree, properly prepare your space beforehand, so you can relax and enjoy once your guests arrive. One aspect Blue Print’s designers emphasize is the importance of having enough seating options for your guests. Pull up extra Blue Print garden stools that can be used for setting down beverages or as extra seats.

If you’re entertaining outside in the Texas heat, you’ll want to keep your drinks cold and abundant. “Fill our Jumbo Resin Trough with ice and display canned beverages in the center of the table for the taking, or drop some jaws by serving a specialty drink from our Resin Pitcher.” the designers say. “Because of its material, it will not sweat!”

Summer entertaining is all about having a good time with your loved ones, so enjoy the process, and don’t take it too seriously. “If you have fun setting up, it will show and translate into your guest’s experience,” the designers say.