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Top Home-Painting Trends For 2024

Itching to update your home this year? Before pulling out hammers or selling the furniture, consider reinvigorating the space with a new coat of paint. Carmel City Lifestyle asked Eric Russell of Russell Painting Company about the paint trends to expect in 2024, as well as some creative ways to incorporate them in homes.

In exterior paint jobs, the earth tones of the 1990s and aughts are steadily shifting to a clean, high-contrast aesthetic. “We’re seeing a lot of black and white, or gray and white,” Eric says. “The look of a white house with black or gray trim will probably continue to be very popular this year.”

When it comes to accenting trim, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, Eric suggests: “If you use the right combination, especially with black and white, it can frame the house in a really eye-catching way,” he adds.

Window trim, doors and garage doors are popular accent pieces, but gutters and downspouts also can be painted for fresh, sleek looks. 

Painted brick is another trend on the rise. While some homeowners seeking the neutral aesthetic leave their brick its traditional red for a striking contrast, others choose to paint it to match the siding. Worried about structural stability? Fear not, according to Eric; new advances in mineral-based paints preserve, even protect, brick rather than eroding it over time.

Interior paint trends currently follow their exterior counterparts, with popular wall colors spanning a wide range from bright white to smoky gray. Lovers of earth tones need not sacrifice their taste for the trend, though. “There’s more variation to gray than people think,” Eric points out. “You can go with a cool, crisp gray, or a gray with brown tones if you like a warmer look.” 

Accent walls, while still present, are less commonly seen than in previous years. In newer homes, which follow open-concept floor plans, homeowners may choose to stick with one paint color for a clean look or use different monochromatic shades to separate living spaces. 

Eric recommends using a bright white or pale gray in smaller rooms to open the space, while larger rooms usually can handle darker colors. Regardless of the color of the walls, a white ceiling will add height to any room. With the advent of more durable water-based paints to replace toxic oil-based ones, matte is the default finish.

Unlike clothing trends, which last a few years at most, Eric says paint trends experience a much longer cycle before becoming outdated. Expect interior paint trends to last for at least three to five years, while exterior paint trends typically stick around for a decade or more. This means that homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to make large-scale changes to their homes, even if they’re worried about long-term curb appeal.

“Once a trend hits, especially on the exterior, it lasts for a long time,” Eric advises. “We shouldn't see a lot of change for the next several years.” 

Looking to cut costs? Don’t sacrifice paint quality. The longevity of good paint, Eric shares, will keep homes protected and flawless until the next color change. “The preparation is also very important, whether you’re talking about interior or exterior work,” he warns. “That’s one area where a professional can really help with the best cleaning and priming to make the job last.”

From heading up a full-service residential and commercial painting company, Eric is familiar with the ins and outs of a great paint job. An Indiana native, he has worked in painting since his graduation from Indiana University Bloomington. After a brief time in Pittsburgh, he moved back to Indiana in 1993 and opened a satellite office in Carmel for his father’s painting company. His first house was in Carmel, which allowed him to establish roots in the area that helped the business thrive. 

“Carmel is also the perfect central location to be able to get on any road to travel anywhere else in Indiana,” he points out. “It helps me work more easily in a lot of locations in Central Indiana, although I concentrate most of my work here at home.” 

Eric has four children, with the two youngest both part of the Carmel Swim Club. Through their involvement, and his work, he says he's gained plenty of local friends over the years. Still, he's always looking for new connections. 


"I advocate for using higher-end products. They protect your home and help the color last."

  • Eric Russell, owner, Russell Painting Company

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