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Smiles for Hope

An Interview with Dr. Smita Borole

Smiles for Hope, Inc. was created in 2017 when Dr. Borole and her team began providing free dental care to those who otherwise would not have access. What followed was the most rewarding experience: countless smiles that replaced evidence of years of trauma and pain for their patients. The gift of a smile provided these patients with a second chance at life and impacted them both personally and professionally.


Mital: Dr. Borole, many readers know you from your busy dental practice in Turkey Creek. What can you tell us about your nonprofit, Smiles for Hope, Inc. and the decision behind extending your professional services to our community pro bono? 

Dr. Borole: Unlike state or federal funded healthcare, dental care is not as accessible to many vulnerable members of our community. I was involved in pro bono dental services through various organizations over the years when Judge Deborah Stevens, who was serving as President of YWCA, reached out to fill a need in our community and a need within the organization she was serving. That reignited my passion to fill a need for a dedicated nonprofit aimed at providing holistic dental services for the most severe dental cases amidst the vulnerable population. 

As a professional who is licensed with a state board with strict ethical obligations to all patients, what were some legal challenges to creating a successful nonprofit organization?

Getting the nonprofit organized with the state, preparing all the legal documents to keep it compliant and obtaining the 501(c)3 status was imperative, but it was uncharted territory. My other legal challenge was ensuring the services provided through the nonprofit would be covered under malpractice insurance and the same protections were offered to all our volunteers. Not all nonprofits have the benefit of a law firm and a great resource for them would be UT Law’s Clinic for Nonprofits. 


What advice would you give other professionals who have considered offering their services or sharing their knowledge through a nonprofit?


If you have the passion for the cause, then all that is left to do is to start. Thus, the most important advice is just starting the process as soon as possible. Once you share your mission you will begin to form the right team, and that will in turn open the right doors to create a nonprofit that reaches and impacts the most people.

What can someone do to help further the mission of Smiles for Hope, Inc.?

Talk to your dental providers and ask them to get involved. The more professionals volunteering their time and skills, the more people we can help. Smiles for Hope can be duplicated in other cities or states. We have already done the legal work. Let us guide others to duplicate these clinics and reach more people. 

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