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Cigar Talk's Aaron and Dean on their Top Cigars, Kitchen Nightmares, and Kentucky Bourbon.

Multi-platinum selling record producer Aaron Accetta and SAG film & television actor Dean Marrazzo launched their YouTube podcast, Cigar Talk with Aaron and Dean, in 2021 as a way to connect with fellow cigar enthusiasts. “It was just for fun to have an excuse to smoke with a buddy,” says Dean, whose background in stage and movies makes him a natural in front of the camera. Aaron, although known for being outgoing and conversational, took a minute to get comfortable being filmed. “I was coming off scripted but now I’ve got the hang of it,” he laughs.

The premise of the podcast is simple: the two share a smoke and casual conversation, from entertainment and politics to sports and restaurants. I inquire about the latter with Dean, former owner of The Olde Stone Mill, and his stint on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. “It was terrible,” he laughs, “but it was completely contrived,” I ask why he did it. “For a ticket out,” he says. 

The duo tends to light up at their favorite local cigar lounges: Tobacconist of Greenwich, Cigar Republic in Danbury, and Explorers Lounge in Harrison. “My everyday go-to cigar is an Illusione ECCJ Robusto Extra,” says Aaron. “When life calls for something special, I smoke a Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Robusto.” Dean nods in agreement and adds two of his own - a Griffin for a casual smoke and a Davidoff Aniversario Double ‘R’ on occasion. “It’s phenomenal,” says Dean. “It’s a multi-layered blend and a 90 minute smoke.” 

For drink pairings, Dean suggests Johnnie Walker Black Label and Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon. “My daughter’s a sophomore at University of Kentucky, so spending time visiting has educated my palate for bourbon,” he says. “Macallan 12 is my scotch of choice but I don’t drink much of anything often,” explains Aaron. “I’ve had a whiskey or a Pinot Noir with the Davidoff, which is a nice pairing because those are light to complement a bold cigar with notes of dark chocolate, fruit, dark coffee, and a bit of spice.” 

I ask if they smoke daily. “Every other day,” smiles Dean. “My dad smoked a pipe every night,” chimes in Aaron. “I  smoke in good company or if I’m relaxing, sometimes in the evening after my kids are in bed, or if I need to focus on a project.” He laughs, “So I guess all the time.”

Tune in to @AaronAndDean on YouTube and Instagram. 


Multi-platinum record producer, songwriter, and partner in Dirty Canvas Music. 


Actor, writer, and producer who’s appeared in feature films and Off-Broadway productions.

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