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Smoothing Resolutions

Embracing a healthier lifestyle in the new year and ensuring we can all be the very best version of ourselves day in and day out

Article by Patti Gordon

Photography by Nicole Bell

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

The best resolution you can make is to prioritize yourself and your self-care. Carla Vibbert, owner of Waxing the City in Gallatin, is here with answers to our questions about waxing, self-care and skincare. And male readers, don't tune out just yet. There is plenty of information here for the guys too, as studies have shown that men's self-care and waxing services are seeing the biggest rise in the space as well.

So, what are the key differences between waxing and shaving, and why is this important? As Carla points out, “Waxing provides longer-lasting results and better outcomes compared to shaving. It does not leave any bumps or rashes and effectively weakens hair follicles, slowing down hair growth. Typically, waxing is done once a month whereas shaving needs to be done daily." At Waxing the City in particular, the wax that is used during treatment services is exclusively developed for Waxing the City studios and even contains fewer ingredients that may cause allergies in clients. The specially formulated hard wax wraps tightly around each hair and does not adhere to the skin, resulting in a more efficient and less painful waxing experience. Additionally, it is designed to minimize hair breakage.

For those who may be a bit apprehensive or unsure of the waxing process, there are many comfort tools to help with that. Waxing the City offers preparation serums, pre-wax products and techniques along with their exclusive wax, to transform each waxing session into a premium skincare treatment. The pre-wax products contain soothing ingredients like aloe, cucumber and witch hazel. It serves as the first step before every wax service, but using it at home further enhances its skin-calming qualities. Most clients undergo one waxing cycle every four to five weeks. Normally, there is no hair growth in the first two weeks, followed by two weeks of regrowth. During this period, the thinner regrowth reaches a suitable length for a smooth and thorough waxing session, which tends to be less painful with each subsequent session.

As an incentive for regular waxers, Waxing the City offers a popular monthly membership that grants clients a 20% discount on each visit. Additionally, the Club Orange program provides various other benefits, such as discounts on products and an annual birthday gift. The retail products included in the discounts are carefully formulated to enhance and nourish smooth, radiant and waxed skin. LALICIOUS body scrubs and butters effectively exfoliate, hydrate and leave the skin with a stunning glow. The Fur brand products help manage ingrown hairs effectively and promote healthy hair regrowth. For convenient daily skincare treatments, WTC highly recommends Spongelle body buffers. This is particularly beneficial during the dry winter months when hydration and exfoliation play a crucial role in addressing seasonal changes. Additionally, they proudly support the Minimo skin care line which features powerful ingredients like turmeric, licorice and Vitamin C to reduce redness, even out skin tone, and leave it looking vibrant and dewy. With an array of options, including dry brushes and body oils, there is truly something for everyone to address their unique skincare needs.

Carla’s best advice to anyone with hesitation is to ignore any preconceived ideas you may have gained from movies or rumors about waxing at other places. Waxing the City's main objective is to guarantee that your experience is dignified, pleasant and welcoming. This philosophy is deeply rooted in their values and something they wholeheartedly believe in. “I absolutely love that our parent company is named Self Esteem Brands because waxing truly falls under the umbrella of self-care and has the power to restore one's self-esteem,” says Carla. As the new year arrives, it brings with it refocusing efforts to make sure we are able to be the best version of ourselves. So many times that starts with looking inwardly to self-care and well-being. With that, so many resolutions can be the catalysts for much bigger and impactful changes in our lives. If you desire to be free from unwanted hair, unhealthy depilatory/hair removal creams and the ever-time-consuming daily shaving routine that can harm your skin, then making a change this new year should be on your resolution list. Waxing the City is Gallatin’s go-to for self-care and provides a wide range of services including specialized treatments for skincare, brows and lashes, allowing beauty, skincare and waxing to converge seamlessly in this new year and beyond.


"Preparation serums, techniques and exclusive wax ensure that every session becomes a premium skincare treatment."