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Smooth Roots CBD

CBD is a popular natural remedy that has been credited with alleviating a number of common ailments ranging from insomnia to inflammation and pain, to stress and anxiety. Although the CBD industry has skyrocketed in recent years, many people are still unaware of the CBD phenomenon and its potential benefits.

So, what is CBD?   

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is a natural compound derived from hemp plants. CBD acts on the body through the endocannabinoid system which is naturally found in all mammals and comprised of receptors located throughout the body.

Hemp strains produce varying amounts of CBD. High producing CBD strains are selected and grown over the course of three months, and are then harvested and processed into concentrates. There are several different types of concentrates that are used as raw materials in the manufacturing phase. Once the final products are completed, they are sent to a third-party to be lab tested for quality before being distributed.

Unlike psychoactive THC, which produces a high, CBD interacts with the human body in a fundamentally different way. In other words, CBD is safe to take throughout the day, at work, or before bed without worrying about negative effects.

CBD has a history as a medicine that dates back thousands of years. CBD that is sold in stores is known for its many potential health benefits and uses, including:

·       Mental wellness and support

·       Pain relief

·       Immunity

·       Sleep issues

·       Anxiety/stress relief

We asked Dave Leib, owner of Smooth Roots CBD in Newtown to share his perspective on CBD and its benefits to users. Smooth Roots, which recently opened their Newtown location at 120 South State Street, offers high quality farm to table craft CBD products. 

“Everyone can benefit from using CBD”, Dave said. “The positive effects of CBD include heightened focus, reduced inflammation and pain, and can promote better sleep and injury recovery which is key for athletes like runners and golfers. We have witnessed firsthand the health and wellness benefits that can be achieved with CBD, and know it can be transformative for those suffering with pain and anxiety”. Dave adds, “As more people are looking to cope with added stress and anxiety, they are finding that CBD can also help calm their fears during the pandemic.”

Smooth Roots offers the highest quality CBD products backed up with educated owners who can assist customers with finding the most effective products to address their specific concerns. According to Dave, “Far too many brands are worried about fancy packaging and marketing. The truth is that if you grow exceptional quality hemp, it’s relatively easy to make exceptional products. We are partnered with an award-winning Oregon farm who produces some of the best hemp in the world.”

Smooth Roots carries a wide variety of CBD products, including flower, oils, creams, lotions, and gummies, to promote health, wellness and beauty. They also offer pet-friendly products for health and stress management.

The company was founded with the belief that every individual deserves access to natural and affordable medicine. 

Smooth Roots is located at 120 South State Street in Newtown, with a sister store located at 110 South Main Street in New Hope.