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Smooth(ie) Operator

Diya Nath shares all about her new book with healthy smoothie recipes

"If you want to write a book or have an ambitious goal, then I would say to go for it,” says 14-year-old Diya Nath. The high school sophomore is the ideal person to inspire other young dreamers, as she is the author of her own cookbook, Healthy Habits for a Healthier You!: Simple, Yummy, Home-Made Smoothies to Enhance Your Gut Health and Boost Energy.

The book is much more than a collection of recipes.

“I wanted the book to be more meaningful than a simple smoothie book,” she says. “I wanted people to learn more about healthy eating, and why it is important, rather than just provide some recipes. Hence, I included my two years of research so that the book becomes more meaningful and informative to teens like me.”

In addition to the book, Nath is starting a company called Oxi-Blast, which is a fruit and vegetable nutrient additive. She also wants to be a culinary neurologist (someone who researches the impact of foods on the brain in coordination with the body, mood, hormone levels, and more), use that knowledge to craft recipes, and eventually open her own restaurant.

Nath believes that staying healthy is more than just the food you eat. In her spare time, she hosts a discord server called the S.P.E.A.K. (Support, Positivity, Equality, Acceptance/Assistance, and Kindness) Server, which is for helping people talk about themselves, their opinions, and their problems, all without judgement.

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Chocolate Energy Smoothie

3-4 squares (1 oz.) of dark chocolate (65%-70% cocoa or higher)

1/4 scoop chocolate protein powder (optional)

1 banana

5-10 cashews (soaked in water for five minutes)

1/2 cup cooled coffee

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup ice

Add the coffee and milk to the blender. Add the rest of ingredients. Blend until smooth. Pour and serve.