Smyrna’s Secret Gallery

This art-filled short-term rental makes a heart-filled long-term impression

You’re imagining a staycation, a cool date night, or a home away from home.  Now imagine retreating into a piece of art… Smyrna’s Secret Gallery not only showcases local art from nearly a dozen artists, it is itself a work of art.  Artist / Designer Allison Schorr has created a sanctuary studio space in Williams Park that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired.    

Home is where you feel the safest and most comfortable.  For some people, that’s in a community, for some it’s when you’re with the ones you love, but for Allison Schorr, proprietor of The Secret Gallery, it’s a physical space.  “Ever since I was a kid, I made things for my room that would make it feel sacred and special, to infuse peace and comfort into it.” 

Her passion for a curated space aligned with her journey as a mixed media artist and culminated in the creation of one of Smyrna’s hidden gems.  And it’s been a dream come true.  “I want to scale.  It’s way more fun than anything I’ve done before.”

The Secret Gallery includes numerous delightful details, like heated bathroom floors, a gas fireplace, and record player with a ready stack of vinyls.  But because it is also equipped with everything you need, it can be “better than home, because you don’t have your home stresses here.”

“I wanted to be different. I wanted to showcase local art. I wanted a place where people could come and heal and retreat – whatever the reason for their stay, they feel transformed or peaceful.  I wanted it to have an impact on them.” 

During your stay, you can flip through a binder to learn about the artists behind the 65 works the space contains and take the piece that speaks to you back to your home.  With it comes the memories and good feelings from this special place.  

Learn about The Secret Gallery on Instagram at @thesecretgallerysmyrna or search Airbnb

I wanted a place where people could come and heal and retreat.”

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