Smyrna's Super Dads

We put out a call on Facebook and these wives put their guys on a pedestal, for us to celebrate

Jake Allen is a Nurse Practitioner at Grady and is the Team Lead for the Cardiovascular ICU in Grady. During this pandemic, he has been vital in Grady operations in staffing, Covid protocols, and adapting to managing Covid patients. When he is off-duty you will find him fishing with our two kids at Austin Lake in Smyrna, playing golf, or being super-dad while I am working with clients as Team Lead for The Smyrna Team at Keller Williams in this crazy housing market. We love you, Jake!

My husband, Zach Awad and I became first-time parents in January after a year and a half of trying for a baby. As if having a quarantine baby wasn’t crazy enough, Zach and I found out we were pregnant while we were hosting a herd of landscaping goats in our backyard. After taking the pregnancy test I yelled for my husband who jumped up immediately because he thought the herd had escaped the backyard [again]. He kept this up while I was pregnant - jumping up immediately, whenever I needed water, help to get off the couch, or had a craving. He does the same thing with our son. Immediately jumping up to change a diaper, fix a bottle, or rock a crying baby. He is the BEST dad and spending most of his time singing silly songs he’s made up. One of his many talents is changing the words of popular songs to be about our family. He never shies away from the midnight shift, a stinky diaper, washing bottles, or any of the “less glamorous” chores of parenthood. He is my perfect partner and the perfect dad for our little boy. 

Chris Hayashi and I became first-time parents late last year, and he has been terrific at navigating this new role even through the pandemic.  He not only single-handedly renovated the nursery before our daughter was born, but he also has utilized his paternal leave for the last three months being the primary caretaker for her while I returned to work.  He is the most hands-on dad I've seen.  I usually find him on the floor playing with our daughter, reading about early childhood development and making sure she has a well-balanced day or thinking about toys he would like to build for her later on. We live in a very tight-knit neighborhood where there are many neighborhood gatherings throughout the year, and you'll often catch him playing pool or darts with other kids.  You'll also find him helping out neighbors with various home projects, from moving bulky furniture, miscellaneous home reno tasks, hanging Christmas lights, to feed/walk neighbors' dogs on occasion.  All this on top of being the most supportive husband and loving dad for our daughter and pup.

Will Howard had a dream to own his own business in the very city we've called home for almost 16 years. With a new son who would soon need his first haircut it was decided that Pigtails and Crewcuts would be an excellent fit as a business venture in Smyrna. Will maintained his current full-time career in the financial world even while building out, marketing and hiring for Pigtails. He successfully opened in March of 2019 and despite a year of struggle due to Covid his salon is the highest rated children's hair salon in the area! Even while doing all this Super Dad Will has made time everyday to care for and dote on his son taking him to playgrounds and other kid friendly places as often as possible. He is a devoted father and incredible human all around. Smyrna is so lucky to benefit from his keen entrepreneurial spirit and we are so blessed to call him Super Dad!

As I sit here and think about my husband Ateet Patel, a flood of emotions come over me. We were married four years ago in a beautiful Hindu/ Christian wedding and life has only gotten sweeter from there. Ateet is a full time interventional cardiologist but you would never truly know that’s his role. He single handledly saved my grandmother and father’s lives as they both battled advanced-stage cancer. He was also his father’s caretaker as he battled prostate cancer.  We are currently pregnant with twins and both of our pregnancies have been high risk and complicated. Through it all he has been there. Tucking me into bed, starting IV’s  and driving me to all of my appointments.  He is our rock. He is quiet, kind and secretly brilliant.  All along, never asking for anything in return. My son and I are so fortunate to have this man in our lives. I could go on and on. And For some reason this paragraph doesn’t seem to do him justice.

When you say "super dad" it's hard not to instantly imagine my husband, Steven Pham. He is a truly amazing, one-of-a-kind dad to our twins Caliope and Augustine. It all started last year when I was admitted to the hospital having preterm labor. Our miracle twins were born at 27 weeks and he instantly went into best dad ever mode. They spent three months in the hospital during which time Steven continued working full time, taking me to and from the hospital to see the babies because I couldn't drive, and spending hours in the evenings at the hospital himself by Callie's and Auggie's bedside. Since the babies have come home, he has only become more of a superhero dad. He is gentle, caring, and supportive. He is funny, energetic, and entertaining. The twins light up whenever he enters the room. When he isn't teaching them about animals or soccer, he can be seen flying them through air, reading them books, playing, or singing and dancing! He also makes the best food ever- well, him and his assistant Auggie. He isn't even allowed to cook without having a baby at his side! I truly don't know what we would do without our super dad Steven! 

Richard Powers is a special dad because he really focuses on having notable experiences with his children that will create long lasting memories. He is all-in on a trip to Universal Studios to see Dragon Alley.  He goes camping with the Cub Scouts.  He attends and takes pictures at cheerleading competitions.  He is a mystery reader at school.  He really does love to create special moments and experiences in addition to engaging in our day to day activities.  He is a rock star for the everyday activities too: school drop off, teacher conferences, laundry and family IT support.  In addition to being an amazing father, he also is the COO of a medical device start up, Strados Labs.  

I am so excited that I get to talk about my husband, Gavin Daniel Richards. He is simply the best. Gavin became a dad May 5, 2020. He is the most hands-on dad there ever was. I travel for work and he gladly does all the things when I am gone. When Leona (11 months) was smaller, we split the night feedings for my mental health. He never complained and did it joyfully. I could make a list of a million little things he does for us but the most important thing is his character. He is kind, gracious, patient, gentle, and a lover of people. He wins everyone over with his serving spirit and fun personality. I am incredibly thankful and honored to be his wife. Leona is lucky to have him; she has no idea how good she has it but she will! Gavin is our superhero! 

Dedicated father, husband, veteran and medical professional is the headline for my hubby Donald Washington. He is the best father to our 2 year old son. My heart just jumps right out of my chest when I see them together. He is a very active and hands-on father, not afraid to get dirty when playing with our toddler. He takes care of home while also juggling his reserve military responsibilities as Chief assigned to Dobbins Air Force base. He works full time as a medical transition liaison for a home health company. The care and dedication he puts into his patience to ensure they get the care they need as they transition out of the hospital is amazing. He truly cares and wants to do all that he can to make the process seamless. He is our own personal hero and we to salute him this Father’s Day. 

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