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Songs in the Key of Calm

Why Everyone Needs Music Lessons Now More Than Ever

As the New Year begins in the face of our “new normal,” parents are struggling to find ways to continue their children’s development and emotional wellness in the face of cancelled extracurriculars, physically distant educators, and unprecedented screen time, while juggling their own anxieties about the future. Music lessons can help! More than ever, we all need the benefits of music education, and there are many reasons why you should prioritize this essential element into your wellness goals for 2021.

Fun and Comfortable Routine

Weekly music lessons are a comfortable routine and bring a sense of normalcy in these unstable times. When everything is up in the air, having a lesson to prepare for every week gives you or your children a goal to work toward and provides a tangible feeling of accomplishment. And even if you don’t get to practice that week, you are still doing something that is good for you!

Personal attention

One-on-one or small group lessons provide students with the teacher’s undivided attention, giving them the specialized care and social connection we all crave and hardly any of us are getting enough of right now. At school, your children may not be getting the individualized support from their math or reading teachers, but their music teacher will be able to work closely with them and give them personal attention.

Emotional outlet

Learning music provides not only a brain boost, but also emotional benefits such as confidence, a greater feeling of self-worth, and a stimulated sense of creativity. Adults and children alike can express themselves through music to provide an outlet for any feelings of confusion, anxiety, or depression, and find a natural, healthy escape from stress.

Lifelong wellness

Beyond enriching one’s education, music lessons also provide a constructive way to spend free time. Music is an enriching hobby that will rest tired eyes from blue light. When you’re bored, you have music to turn to, and you can enjoy this hobby for your entire lives!

Learning music provides enjoyment, relaxation, boosted confidence, and stability, resulting in a better YOU!  Isn’t this what we all want for ourselves and children in the New Year?