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Development Showcases Custom Homes with Clever Craftsmanship

A clean, modern design that encompasses soft, earthy tones is key in successful design of a custom home.

"The goal is to create a contemporary look without an industrial feel," says Scott Pfeiffer, owner of Sonora West Development.

Such is the case with the beautifully crafted property at 19008 N. 98th Way in Scottsdale. This four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom, 5,876-square-foot abode sits on .63 acres. Built by Sonora West Development and sharply designed by Laura Keyhoe Designs and Scott, the property boasts forward-thinking textured tilework, keeping the appearance unique and beautiful.

"Tiling has become much more than just color variation and is moving toward three-dimensional textures," Scott says. "Showing a dichotomy in materials is something we pride ourselves on to achieve distinctive looks as well, such as the kitchen pictured; we went with a traditional brick, coupled with ultra-modern cabinetry. This gives the room an edgy feel."

Scott says that beginning a custom home project starts with inspiration.

"We try to ask the client for a select few inspiration photos, and from there we can get a solid sense of their style. It is then our pleasure to turn that concept into reality. We work to eliminate the fear of wrong decisions and have our clients place their trust in our knowledge and expertise."

Sonora West has the simple goal to retain unity throughout the homes they build so that the homeowner's style is eminent and the home is a complete work of art.

A touch that Scott highlights is the use of the indoor/outdoor architectural design, as seen in the photos. He notes that many clients want the ambiance inside the home to easily transition to the outdoor spaces. The use of retractable glass walls easily binds the two for entertaining or enjoying the sweeping Arizona views.

Many factors, including the backdrop for the property, come into consideration when deciding on a design for each home Sonora West builds.

"Our first priorities are solar orientation and views. We then determine style based on the neighborhood and the client and combine these three or four pieces to create a road map for our inspiration," he says. "We typically find ideas from both coasts. I have noticed that trends move from the coasts inward. Our company is known for its Craftsman-style homes. This has been a staple for our brand. In the past 15 years, our Craftsman designs have morphed into a more modern style such as Modern Farmhouse and other clean, contemporary designs."

Scott has learned a lot over the last 25 years. Through mistakes and years of hard work, he has led Sonora West to where it is today.

"We have perfected the process of building a home because we have been imperfect. We have implemented proven processes to avoid pitfalls and catastrophes that happen with other builders to ensure our clients' dreams are realized," he says. "There is something truly incredible and rewarding about helping a client purchase an empty parcel of land, designing and building a beautiful custom home, and then enjoying dinner in the same home with new friends that we have made through this exciting building process. That feeling of accomplishment is the very reason we do what we do at Sonora West Development and will continue to do for years to come."