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Soo Bahk Do

More Than a Martial Art!

Article by Nina Baldacci Sloan

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Students and families engaging their first martial arts class with any given studio often begin with expectations of gaining discipline, confidence, and athleticism. They are seeking something that offers connection between physical activity and character development.

The instructors at Rocky Mountain Martial Arts – Front Range, a non-profit Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan school here in Broomfield, are ready to meet this challenge, knowing Soo Bahk Do offers so much more.

Founded in 1945, Soo Bahk Do is a traditional, Korean, defensive martial art. Students are trained to be effective not just through their technique, or their personal character development, but in how one is to carry themselves in dealing with adversity. Successful training is not measured simply by winning or losing, but in how students use their training as they engage in real life circumstances.

Students are challenged to pursue their own personal best while learning their increased effectiveness through empathizing and connecting with others.

This holistic approach to martial arts training honoring technique, scholarship, tradition, and harmony with others has created a powerfully unique and diverse community at Rocky Mountain Martial Arts. Covering a broad range of ages, abilities, backgrounds, and overall walks of life, students find deep connection through the hardship of training together (especially through the pandemic!), and it is through this connection that they can make a greater impact in their community.

Arik Brum and his two daughters began their training in early 2020 to simply encourage them to try something new, and with the hopes of bringing their oldest daughter out of her shell. He was quickly surprised how deeply rewarding it was to do something like this together and how rare it was to participate in something that did not always bring immediate gratification.

At about the same time, the Amaria family was seeking a martial arts experience that offered activity and movement and were expecting a transactional experience where the kids would go to class and practice at home. Soo Bahk Do surprised them, offering connections between physical training and life, encouraging that the mastery of anything takes practice, practice creates effectiveness, and effectiveness creates meaningful connection with others.

The Farner family has seen positive leadership traits in their son, leading from a place of humility and empathy rather than superiority.

More than success stories, lives are truly impacted for the long haul. It is this path of training that makes Soo Bahk Do much more than a martial art and the families at Rocky Mountain Martial Arts – Front Range extraordinary. 

Confidence: In the program since its inception, orange belts Mason and Ada are having fun with their instructors and friends while focusing on power and confidence in their technique. 

Connection: Families, individuals, young, senior, and everything in between, there is a place in Soo Bahk Do for everyone.

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