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Sound Bath Symphony

Article by Samantha Schoengold Beranbom

Photography by Michele Tereso Photography

Originally published in Fairfield Lifestyle

Terry Eldh always knew that music was powerful and profound. While studying abroad in France, Terry was accepted to the Conservatory of Rouen where she first started to understand the potential in her voice. After graduation, she nurtured and honed that natural talent at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. As a classically trained singer, Terry’s career started first, in Opera and then on Broadway. But she always sensed there was more, eventually leading her to SoulOSoaring.

Q: How did you discover Sound Baths? What was the beginning of that journey?

A: After studying energy for several years, I heard about sound meditation and signed up for a training course.  During the final sound meditation, a strong feeling guided me to join the master sound healer’s spiritual journey retreat to Egypt. There, my life was irrevocably changed. As a result of being there, along the Nile River in the Horus Temple, I experienced a transformative emotional release. Upon arriving home, I decided to learn everything I could about sound meditation. 15 years later, it has fulfilled my life.

Q: What was the catalyst for starting SoulOSoaring?

At the start of the pandemic, I was hired by GE Capital to do a live-stream sound meditation to help reduce the stress of their employees. I had no idea how to live-stream anything, so I immediately signed up for a course on how to live stream a sound bath. On the day of the event, over 100 people attended, and the event got rave reviews. The teacher of the live-stream course used singing bowls that were different from mine. They were beautiful colors, slimmer and more refined. I learned that the crystal of her bowls was infused with gemstones, precious metals and rare minerals.  Each of these elements added its own energetic signature to the quartz crystal frequencies that were emitted when the bowls were played.  When I heard these alchemy crystal bowls, I was moved to tears. And so began my journey with alchemy crystal singing bowls and sound therapy. I believe in their power to heal so deeply that I have become a distributor for the company that makes the bowls, so that I can participate in assisting others to create their own sound therapy practices and communities. 

Q: Describe the singing bowls? What makes them so special?

A: Alchemy crystal singing bowls made by Crystal Tones are made of pure quartz crystal, and are infused at high heat with gemstones such as ruby and diamond, precious metals such as platinum, 24K gold and palladium, and earth minerals such as shungite. Crystal Tones products are unmatched in craftsmanship, which is evident in the depth and duration of their tone, and in their visual beauty.  In addition to being interdimensional sonic restorative tools, they are one-of-a-kind pieces of sonic art for the home.

Q: What are the benefits of sound baths?

A: The benefits of meditation are well documented, and sound may be the simplest way to get there. Simply by being immersed in crystal singing bowl sound frequencies can lead to deep relaxation and to a meditative state.  The frequencies of the singing bowls entrain with our brain waves, slowing down our ‘monkey minds’ and slowing our breath. Clients have reported heightened states of mental clarity, relief from emotional and physical pain, and improved sleep. 

Q: Who is your typical client and what does SoulOSoaring provide?

A: We provide sound meditations for corporations, private events, individual and couples’ sessions. We also offer a VIP 1:1, 8-hour training, as well as courses in Music Theory under the “Find Your Inner Mozart” brand. A typical client for a 1:1 session is anyone who wants to experience a deeply relaxing restorative modality. For private events, I have done sound baths for all sorts of occasions, from recovery group gatherings to birthday parties for 40-somethings.  For corporate events, I have worked for large corporations as well as smaller non-profits. Typical clients for singing bowl purchases are primarily therapeutic professionals.  However I have had interior designers purchase them as sonic art for display in home decor, and I have had women purchase them as gifts for their friends and family members.

Q: Anything new happening with SoulOSoaring to share? 

A:  Our latest commission for singing bowls in a new musical work is being written by Ed Thompson, PhD, composer, and Minister of Music at the Westport Unitarian Church.  The piece will be performed with the American Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christopher Hisey on Saturday, October 19th at the Norwalk Concert Hall, with yours truly playing the singing bowls!

What do you find the most rewarding?

A:  I feel pretty blessed to be inspired by each aspect of my business -- I love offering sound meditations and seeing the relaxed faces of the guests at the end of the session. I never knew I would love to teach, and in addition to teaching my own courses, I am a mentor where I love guiding new students through the training curriculum.  And I love helping new and accomplished sound practioners, with or without a musical background, select singing bowls that light them up musically, visually and spiritually!

Find Terry on Instagram @soulosoaring or visit for an updated schedule of sound bath dates, times and locations.

When I heard these alchemy crystal bowls, I was moved to tears.

The benefits of meditation are well documented, and sound may be the simplest way to get there.