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Meet Helene, her home, design and real estate journey

For Helene Singer Cash, real estate isn't just a profession; it's a lifelong passion deeply ingrained in every facet of her career. While formally stepping into the role of a licensed real estate agent seven years ago, her journey began with a corporate background that included site selection for retail stores, working closely with real estate agents on demographic analysis and market strategies. Since real estate was always intertwined with her career trajectory, transitioning to Agee & Johnson Realty and Auction allowed her to fully embrace her diverse skill set, encompassing real estate, auctions, and marketing. 

Beyond the realm of real estate, Helene has cultivated a distinct design philosophy that seamlessly integrates into her business and lifestyle, as showcased in her stunning home at 6495 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon.

Like her clients, it’s time for Helene to make some changes, which includes selling this classic farmhouse. With its mix of modern historic-style charm, this 4800 sqft offers a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen, 37 windows, three sets of French doors, and four different entrances to admire all that the two acres at Point Barton have to offer.

“When I walked in the house I knew it was my home when I stood in the front door, I did not have to walk any further than the threshold,” she said, “The den in the kitchen is my favorite - it has my heart. It is comforting and comfortable, it has strength and it has love. It’s time for it to empower its next family as it did me.”

She says she views homes as reflections of individual personalities, evolving over time to accommodate changing tastes and lifestyles. “The style you had when you purchased your first home is completely different from the style you have when you have your grandchildren playing in your home this July 4th holiday. Your design viewpoint evolves over time,” she explains, “My personal aesthetic is a curated style, I like to collect pieces over time from different places that I travel to. So each piece has a story to tell and is unique - they are eclectic and have a common theme but do not match.”

When collaborating with design clients, Helene emphasizes the importance of understanding the intended purpose of a space and identifying areas for improvement. Recycling existing items is a cornerstone of their design process, advocating for the repurposing and reinvention of materials before considering external additions.

“Summer is here and I love decorating for the seasons,” she says, “You will catch me putting a few pillows on the front porch to welcome in the neighbors for a cup of sweet tea! It is an easy way to add whimsy and color to your space. Right now my porch is decked out in Independence Day decor.”

Reflecting on her lifestyle in Wilson County, Helene says, despite being ranked among America's fastest-growing cities, Lebanon retains its small-town charm and sense of community—a testament to the enduring appeal of this vibrant locale. From local festivals to community events, there are endless opportunities to engage with neighbors and celebrate the unique landscape here.

Visit for more information on Helene’s home or to work with her.

This Coles Ferry Farmhouse has a tremendous amount of natural light, is tranquil and refined. Mixed modern with historic style, the interior is as dynamic as the exterior, sitting on two acres at Point Barton.

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