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@HomeOnANashvilleHill, Photo Credit: Ruby and Peach Photographer (Allison Elephante)

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Spaces for Bathing Pets

One of the more luxuriant trends is the addition of dog showers and pet washing stations in the home. That’s right, your dog now can enjoy their very own dog shower from the comfort of the place they love the most – home.

Say goodbye to paying extra for professional dog bathing services. Now, pets can be washed in a variety of different ways. From built-in dog showers to shower head attachments made specifically for furry friends, these great home additions add countless repeated value.

Sebring Design Build, was founded in 1999 in Chicago’s western suburbs of Naperville and expanded to the Nashville suburbs in 2020. They offer a full range of home services, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements and additions including pet stations. Some of their recommendations when including pets in home renovations are shown here.

Pet Washing Station

Build a pet washing station that’s equipped with everything needed:  An area for your dog to sit or stand, an accessible shower head or steps for easy access by your furry loved one. Whether your dog is large or small, they can go up and down the steps and sit in the station so you don’t have to arch your back to reach them.

Most pet washing stations resemble smaller, elevated showers. Your dog can enjoy sitting under the warm showers while you have confidence in the easy and clean draining systems. If your dog happens to be one to dislike water, help them feel comfortable by sitting or standing in the shower with them while they're washed. They’ll soon feel relaxed and calm, and they may even learn to love their bath time.

A variety of pet bathtub options can be installed indoors, outdoors, in bathrooms or kitchens. Take a look at some of the options to see what might work best for you.

Dog Shower Sprayer

A specific type of dog shower head you can invest in is the pet shower sprayer, which hooks up directly to your shower. This is an efficient and affordable alternative to building a brand new pet shower altogether. Most dog shower sprayers come with an attachment that allows for the easy adjusting of pressure and temperature. They can reach down to give your dog the thorough washing he deserves.

Outdoor Dog Shower

Want to wash your dog outside? You can install an outdoor dog shower on the side of your house, or somewhere in the backyard. It’s recommended to install one that can hook up with your water system so you can turn it off and on just like a hose.

Dog showers come in lots of shapes and sizes, and typically resemble stalls for your dog to stand while the water comes out on top of them. A long nozzle and hose are required so you can reach all angles of your dog to ensure they are getting the best wash. The stations are very easy to clean as well, as a draining system will likely be put in alongside the installation of your outdoor dog shower.

Give Your Dog the Life of Luxury that They Deserve!

It can be fun to take your pet on a trip to the groomer every once in a while. There might even be a professional service company that you pay for with dog washing stations. But what do you do when you want to wash your dog on a more regular basis, and you don’t have the funds to pull it off?

That’s where at-home dog baths come in. Dog showers, dog washing stations and pet tubs can be great investments that add a lot of value and dynamism to homes.

If you have a large-sized dog, you know better than anyone the struggles that often come with trying to give them a bath. Investing in a built-in washing option that specializes in washing your furry friend can save you time, trouble and money.

Your pet is an extension of your family, and it will feel nice to treat them the way they deserve. Plus, dog showers are an exciting new trend in home renovations that can yield great returns on the investment.

  • @HomeOnANashvilleHill, Photo Credit: Ruby and Peach Photographer (Allison Elephante)
  • @HomeOnANashvilleHill, Photo Credit: Ruby and Peach Photographer (Allison Elephante)
  • @HomeOnANashvilleHill, Photo Credit: Ruby and Peach Photographer (Allison Elephante)