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Veteran Travel Consultant Offers Advice On Popular Scenes And Cuisines

There is nothing quite like a vacation to help you escape from the cares of the world. From exotic destinations to intimate local bed and breakfasts, a well-planned getaway helps everyone recharge their internal batteries. In addition, travelers get to partake in regional food and drink options to better experience local culture.

Taking vacations since 2020 has been difficult in many cases due to pandemic restrictions and venue closings. However, with vaccines and new treatments, Covid has become much more manageable, leading to a travel resurgence.

While some people prefer to plan their own travel itineraries, seasoned travelers often choose to seek the advice and expertise of professional travel advisors. One of the most experienced travel professionals in our area is Rosemary Bianchi, owner of Bianchi Travel.

“I have been a professional travel advisor for over 12 years,” says Rosemary. “I have a passion for travel, and I love helping my clients plan vacations to ‘bucket list’ destinations that will bring them memories for a lifetime.”

Through her agency, Rosemary offers her clients a wide range of services, including destination selection, itinerary scheduling and support during any unplanned travel disruptions.

“After consulting with my clients, I do all the planning for them,” says Rosemary. “My goal is for every client to have a worry-free travel experience.”

What are the most popular travel destinations for local travelers?

“While my clients travel across the country and around the world, the most requested vacations are to Mexico, Jamaica and Alaska.” 

Why Mexico?

“Mexico draws thousands of tourists each year to experience the country’s beautiful beaches, historic sites and friendly people. Along with being very budget-friendly, Mexico offers activities for everyone, including swimming with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, touring the El Arco Arch in Cabo and whale watching on the Pacific coast.”

“Visitors to Mexico also get to dine on authentic Mexican food, including such sumptuous dishes as tacos, tamales and polzole. Diners also have their choice of traditional Mexican libations, such as tequilas, margaritas, Palomas and agua frescas.”

Why Jamaica?

“Jamaica has a rich history of hospitality that goes well with its beautiful beaches, exotic resorts and incredible food. Tourists have a wide variety of activities from which to choose, including snorkeling, rafting, swimming and visiting historic sites, including the Bob Marley Museum.”

“Jamaican cuisine is world-renowned for its spicy entrees, including jerk chicken with ackee, salt fish and pepper pot soup. Jamaica is also home to some of the best rums in the world which make for tasty cocktails, such as rum punch, grog, Bob Marleys and Mai Tais.”

Why Alaska?

“Alaska has a rich, rugged history that is perfect for travelers with adventurous spirits. From beautiful glaciers to majestic mountains to an abundance of wildlife, visitors could stay for a month or more and still not see it all. Some of the top ‘must see’ destinations are Denali National Park, the Tracy Arm Fjord and the Alaska Highway.”

“From a dining perspective, Alaska is the home for fresh seafood, including King crab and salmon, as well as several exotic dishes, such as reindeer sausage and yak meat. Libations popular with the locals include birch cider, Mamie Taylors and hot buttered rum.”

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