Spooky Season is Here!

Exploring some of the top Halloween candies

October in town means watching the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground, transitioning to sweaters, seasonal drinks and food, feeling the weather get cooler, and seeing the sky get darker much earlier. October also means spooky season, and Halloween is here! 

For kids, Halloween is a time when they have an excuse to go into a sugar coma and walk around the neighborhood in costume looking for the most coveted pieces of candy. Halloween is also a holiday that can be fun for adults — the chance to dress up, decorate the house, watch favorite Halloween movies, and also have a good excuse to snack on as much candy as possible. 

Luckily, depending on the neighborhoods you visit on Halloween night, there are abundant amounts of different pieces of candy available, enough that your kids probably won’t know if you steal a few for yourself. Halloween candy is good that night, the next day, and even the next few weeks afterward. 

Yet, Halloween isn’t always just about trick-or-treating. There is also the joy of spending the night at home and opening the door to kids dressed up as superheroes, princesses, horror movie characters, and the occasional teen claiming to be dressed as a ghost sporting only a white bed sheet. 

Everyone remembers the joy of getting loads of your favorite candy and the loathing of getting a pencil or an apple and knowing to avoid that house next year. 

Whether it is old-school favorites or new and emerging picks, there are so many candies to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular Halloween candies to choose from: 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups:

The minis, regular sized, the half-pound cups, those filled with Reese’s Pieces: there are so many different kinds of peanut butter cups that represent the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate and are readily available and on sale during the Halloween season. 

Sour Patch Kids/Sour Patch Watermelon: 

The ultimate sour candies: whether it is the kids or watermelon version, they are always a favorite to suck on or chew up quickly depending on your tolerance for sour. 

Kit Kats:

You can never go wrong with that satisfying snap sound that comes from biting into a Kit Kat. The witch’s brew green Kit Kats come to store shelves during Halloween, providing even more options to devour. 


Taste the rainbow! Skittles are one of the top-selling candies every year for Halloween even though they have only been manufactured in the United States since the 1980s. All the different colors make them more fun to eat too. 


Whether they are peanut, milk chocolate, pretzel, or the mini’s, there are so many different types of M&M's to discover that you are bound to find your favorite. 


So many textures piled into one candy bar: nougats, chocolate, caramel, and nuts.


So many different flavors to enjoy, plus opening the wrapper can also be satisfying. 

Honorable mention: 

Candy Corn: 

Candy Corn may be the most divisive Halloween candy— you either love it or you hate it. Yet, one cannot deny that it has always been synonymous with fall and the Halloween season. 

Will the rankings be the same this year? Will we discover anything new? In any case, all we can hope for is good weather, a fun and comfortable costume, a good bag, and we’ll see what surprises await.

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