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Spooky Snacks

You might prefer tricks to treats, but these snacks are a great way to celebrate Halloween!

We love having some good old family fun during spooky season! Between viewings of “Hocus Pocus”, “Halloweentown” and “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” with the kids, why not make something a little bit more substantial than the tons of candy surely in the house. These snacks are fun to make with the kids for the afternoon or to serve at a party! These treats might trick you into thinking you’re eating something else! And they are all incredibly easy to make. 

Toothy Smiles
This is one of the most simple treats to make, and incorporates healthy ingredients! Slice up an apple like you normally would for snack time, spread with peanut butter on one side of each slice. On one strip of peanut butter, line up mini marshmallows - these are your chompers! Sandwich the two slices together, and voila, a snack-time smile!

Grab a few cups and some Ziploc bags to make these snacks. You’ll need chocolate cookies or graham crackers, vanilla greek yogurt or pudding and gummy worms. Put your “dirt” pieces in the storage bag and now for the fun part - SMASH THEM! Once you have crumbles, layer the ingredients and top with the creepy crawlers.

Zombie Dogs
These Hallo-weenies offer up the most substantial “meal” option. Buy your favorite hotdogs and crescent roll dough. Cut the dough into strips and wrap up your zombies (aka hot dogs). Follow the oven baking directions on the dough container. Serve up with ketchup for a “bloody” addition or make eyes with mustard. 

Spider Cookies
Make your favorite peanut butter or sugar cookie dough (or buy pre-made cookie dough) and arrange on a sheet pan. Before baking, make an indention in each dough ball with your thumb to leave room for your spider. After baking according to your recipe, wait for the cookies to cool and then add a chocolate circle - we recommend Lindt truffles or Whoppers! Use chocolate and vanilla frosting to add legs and eyes. 

Batty Cupcakes
This is another option where homemade or store-bought sweet treats work equally as well. It is certainly fun to make your own cupcakes! Once your chocolate-on-chocolate cupcakes are ready, split Oreos in two and place on either side with the straight edge down. Candy eyes complete your creature! 

Vampire Donuts
This is another recipe that even your youngest can join in on making! Grab your favorite local Park Cities donuts, candy eyes, and a pack of vampire teeth. Then let the decorating begin - we bet these vampires have a sweet tooth!