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Defying the Traditional Gym Stereotype with D1 Training

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matt Capps of Loveland Premium Portraits

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

“We help individuals to be their best, physically,” says Chris Witzgall, co-owner of D1 Training. “But more important, we also help them to be their best—mentally and spiritually.” 

D1 Training offers an alternative to traditional gyms with online and in-person workouts— including Scholastic, Pro or Adult training. After an initial consult, those training programs are customized to suit whatever unique objectives clients may have.

“It’s amazing to see how many lives we’ve already impacted,” Chris says, since D1’s opening in June 2019. “We take special pride in forming relationships with our community members through our group or personal workout programs—because that’s the best way we can help them achieve their goals.”

Ongoing relationships with other local businesses and organizations—Balance Café, Ramsey’s Trailside, JackRabbit, Narrow Path Brewing, CancerFree KIDS and more—allow D1 to strengthen the greater community, as well.

It’s all part of D1’s mission to put professional coaches, sports-science-backed programs and customized, state-of-the-art equipment to work for its clients. “The healthier they are, the happier they are,” D1 marketing advisor Nicole Menkhaus explains, “Which, in turn, leads to a thriving community.”

“That’s what D1 is about,” Nicole says. “Improving quality of life through exercise and community.”

Alex Thompson, 37
Boot Camp, Strength and Hybrid Workouts

“I’d always been intimidated by gyms,” Alex admits. “But made the decision to improve my health with help from professionals.” The coaches at D1 devoted time to ensure his technique improved—and that improved his confidence as well. “No matter what level you are, the coaches work with you and encourage you to do your best. They understand your personal goals, and really help you reach them. That attention really helped motivate me to become the best version of myself.”

At D1, Alex has been pursuing a combination of boot camp, strength and hybrid workouts. The results? He’s much more physically fit: losing body fat, gaining muscle and endurance—and he credits D1 for it all. “The group workouts really push me and challenge me to do my best. I’ve gone from avoiding gyms to looking forward to workouts.” 

Alex also points out that he sees the staff at D1 as more than just service providers. “I feel the strong family spirit of D1,” he says. “They immediately made me feel welcome.”

Alex recommends D1 Boot Camp workouts for anyone hoping to get fit in a positive, family environment. “I came in as a beginner,” he stresses. “But even fitness junkies would enjoy the variety of workouts and exercises the coaches create.”

Michele Anton, 55
Boot Camp

For some, like Michele, early morning workouts are preferable—and D1 is happy to accommodate. “Working out in the morning really sets my mood for the day,” Michele says. “I have energy, feel motivated, and it helps me to eat healthy the rest of the day.”

She also points out the physical and emotional benefits of her training, which include increased muscle definition and endurance. “I used to get winded hiking up hills or walking up stairs,” she says. “That’s no longer the case.”

Michele recommends D1’s Boot Camp program for anybody who feels stagnant in their current workout. She also offers a word of advice for those curious about the facility itself: “I drove by D1 for 3 months before I finally checked it out,” she admits. “I’m so glad I did—the staff has been welcoming and friendly since day one.”

Noah Spencer, 17
Prep Class, One-on-One

“D1 has been a total game-changer for me,” Noah Spencer says, crediting the knowledge of his personal coaches at D1 in helping him become a better athlete. When he’s not taking to the field as quarterback for Kings High School, Noah completes customized sports training workouts at D1.

Those workouts have made a big difference in his performance on the field. “I’d recommend D1 to all high school athletes, especially those wanting to take the next step,” he says. “I feel 10 times stronger since I got here,” he adds, pointing out that the training allows him to better his mechanics for football.

But at D1, physical fitness is only part of the overall benefits—and Noah is quick to point out those other benefits, as well. “Mentally, I feel like I can do more than I’d ever thought. Emotionally, I feel great.”

“The coaches at D1 encourage and support you,” Noah says. “No matter what.”

Ready to get your own program started? D1 also offers a “try us for free” option. Which means you’ve got nothing to lose, right? | 9573 Fields Ertel Rd. | 513.434.1992

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