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A Young Woman Overcoming Adversity One Card At A Time

“I hope my cards bring a little bit of happiness to each person that gets one,” says Janey Carter, founder of Paper by Janey. “I hope when people hear my story, I encourage them and show them that no matter what, anything is possible!”

She definitely has proven that anything is indeed possible. In 2017, Janey was in a car accident that damaged her spinal cord, causing her to be partially paralyzed from the neck down. She was only 17 years old. Instead of sinking into despair, she found a way to bring joy not only to herself, but to others as well. “What I love most about making cards is the opportunity to create something meaningful that will bring a smile to someone's face,” she says. 

It all started in 2020 when COVID shut down the world. Using watercolor paints, Janey decided to make Mother’s Day and other cards people could order online to spread some cheer. “I made little cards with bible verses on them and I sold more than I expected,” she says. “People were excited to have a card made by me. So next I made Father’s Day cards and birthday cards.
Things continued to be successful so I just kept going.”

Janey’s ideas are inspired from the world around her, and she also loves doing custom work to make other people’s ideas come to life on paper. In addition to cards, she makes invitations, announcements and anything else customers desire.

Subscription Boxes - which arrive every January, April, July, and October - are another fun offering. “Each one contains 20 cards (a $60 value) for just $30 each time,” she says. “They’re a convenient way to keep a ready-to-use supply of cards on hand, making it easier to send cards whenever you need to.”
There’s also a bonus surprise included in each package such as bookmarks, coupons for her website, tags for presents and very unique plantable cards. “A plantable card is a greeting card made from biodegradable paper embedded with seeds,” says Janey. “They can be planted instead of discarded. The paper decomposes and the seeds grow.”

In addition to creating beautiful keepsakes, she also shares information and tips about living life with a spinal cord injury. “By sharing my own experiences, I aim to connect with others as they go through challenges as well,” she says. “Inspiring others to live their best lives despite challenges is important to me because I believe in the incredible strength that lies within each person.”

This is her way, she explains, of bringing positivity to the world. “When people embrace their resilience, they not only improve their own lives but also impact the lives of those they touch. Plus, seeing someone embrace their potential and find strength in adversity is incredibly fulfilling and, in turn, inspires me to continue supporting and uplifting others.”

What makes her cards so special, she explains, is the story behind them. “With time, perseverance, and a shift in perspective, I discovered ways to adapt, discovered new passions, and found alternative ways to contribute and make a difference in the world. And I think that is what people appreciate the most.”

While many of Janey’s cards can be found on her website, they’re also available in stores in over 18 states across the country, including Tennessee, New Jersey, Alabama, California, Texas and Wyoming.

To give your special someone a very special card this Valentine’s Day, go to

Check out more of her lovely creations:  @JaneyCarter
Facebook: Paper by Janey 
YouTube: @JaneyCarter1036 Channel/UCVlbsg7C_DKyoIOKd_cWHwg 
TikTok: @JaneyCarter 

“What I love most about making cards is the opportunity to create something meaningful that will bring a smile to someone's face.”  

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