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Conquer the Task Step by Step in a Tradition that Signifies Renewal

The emergence of spring has long been associated with deep cleaning. It signifies a fresh home, and a new start to compliment the blossoming of a new season.

Join the ranks of spring cleaners by using this guide to conquer the task. To keep the job from feeling overwhelming, schedule a block of time each day, or even each week, for your annual cleaning. Work on one room at a time and reward yourself for each room until you've completed the job.


· Dust wall and ceiling light fixtures.

· Remove cobwebs with a vacuum and brush attachment or a clean rag attached to the head of a broom.

· Remove and wash window coverings.

· Wash doors, knobs and remove dust that collects on top of doors and entryway trim.

· Wash walls with an all-purpose cleaning solution. Touch up mars and chips with paint.

· Empty cabinets and drawers then wash them inside and out. 

· Wash windows and sills, and don’t forget the tracks.

· Vacuum upholstered furniture from top to bottom and under cushions, paying particular attention to creases and crevices where dust and grunge build up.

· Wash baseboards, then vacuum carpet edges with a narrow attachment.

· Vacuum and mop under furniture and other stationery items.