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Spring Decor DIY

How To Make Easter Floral Arrangement with Decorative Eggs, Candle and Moss

Article by Kristen Wojdan

Photography by Alla Rudenko

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Decide your color scheme and gather the following materials:

  • Shallow bowl
  • Candle Glass jar (fits candle)
  • Twine
  • Eggs
  • Feathers
  • Moss


Cut pieces of twine to desired lengths. Tie bow with twine around the rim of the glass jar that will hold the candle. Choose enough eggs to fit around the candle. Then, tie twine around each egg.


Select one feather for each egg. Be sure the length of each feather is slightly shorter than the length of each egg. Place a feather under the twine on each egg.


Use preserved moss which is made with read, fresh moss. Preserved moss is harvested from a forest and is preserved using non-toxic food-grade ingredients. As a result, it will not wilt, will remain green for many years and will not require water