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Spring-Inspired Salad

Farm-to-Table at Its Finest

Article by Kayla Orzechowski

Photography by Kayla Orzechowski

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle


4 ounces Pacific wild-caught salmon

Avocado or olive oil spray

Sea salt and cracked pepper 

Mixed greens

Sweet potato






Fresh rosemary


1. Spray salmon with avocado or olive oil. Add cracked sea salt and pepper.

2. Broil salmon on low setting for 11-12 minutes, checking about halfway through and then leaving oven cracked.

3. Saute chopped sweet potato and asparagus on high to brown with oil, salt and pepper and fresh rosemary.

4. Chop fresh fruit and avocado.

5. Add all topping to your mixed greens.

6. Drizzle balsamic dressing over the top and add feta. 

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