Spruce Up For Spring

Make Home Or Business Shine This Season

Spring is a time of renewal and cleanliness, so why not bring these same qualities to your home and business?  Here are some local, experienced companies that can help you do just that.

CertaPro Painters

CertaPro of Nashville and Middle Tennessee has been beautifying homes and businesses inside and out for the past 27 years. Whatever a customer desires, it has the people and materials to get it done right.

“It's our goal to approach each customer's project individually - customizing the experience, colors, paint types, and what's most important to them,” says Dylan Ritter, who owns the company along with his wife, Scout Turner.

CertaPro has many repeat customers, and many of its new ones are referred. “​We put a heavy focus on customer service, and provide top quality professional painting services for residential, commercial, interior, and exterior projects,” he says. It also offers carpentry services, residential garage floor / commercial coatings, cabinet refinishing, and more. 

It’s important, explains Dylan, to stay on top of surfaces that require care and maintenance. “The longer a surface or area is neglected, the more time and effort it takes to address a potential issue. We are prepared to offer services for structures that haven't been painted in decades as well as structures that receive regular maintenance.”

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Undersun Roofing, LLC

Undersun Roofing, LLC, founded in 2020, is a proud female- and veteran-owned small business. Adam Sanderson, a Marine who was awarded a Purple Heart, and co-owner, Jaime Kemp, are Nashville natives. They, along with dog Fletcher, aka the Pit Boss, ensure only the best in service.

“Our goals in forming Undersun Roofing were to provide an unmatched level of customer service, top quality workmanship with attention to details, and an environment where our installation crews are recognized for their skills and work ethics,” says Jaime. 

In addition to providing full roofing system replacements, repairs, and gutter installation, Undersun offers free roof inspections and insurance consultations. “We work with property owners to decide the best solution for their needs and budgets,” she says. “We’re happy to help walk them through the insurance claim filing process if storm damage has caused the need for roof repair or replacement.”

Spring provides the ideal weather for roofing, explains Jaime. “With spring storms and high amounts of rain come more opportunities for leaks. Many times homeowners aren't aware of active leaks until the water has made its way through the attic and causes water spots on the ceiling.”

To make an appointment, go to

Blue Shield Power Washing

Blue Shield Power Washing of Franklin, in business for 17 years, makes homes and businesses look clean and fresh once again. Whether it’s exterior siding, a roof, driveway, windows, or a deck, its soft power washing specialists can remove dirt, algae, rust, and other environmental stains in a gentle yet effective manner.

It’s important to clean surfaces on a regular basis. “Because of the extremes in temperature, organics such as moss and algae will grow on most surfaces,” says owner Michael Lattero. “These can create cracks and slippery spots which can be dangerous. You also want to avoid mold since you'll be breathing that in as well. So, removing these buildups not only improves curb appeal, it also protects your home and provides a level of safety.”

Many people think some surfaces are too far gone or dirty to ever look nice again, but that’s not the case. “When customers see the finished products, they’re often amazed with how great they look,” he says. “People love light, bright and clean homes and businesses, and that's what we provide.”

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