St. Louis BattleHawks

For The Love of Football, Fans and XFL!

Hurry to catch the last two games of 11 on 11, 100-yard football with fresh, innovative twists.

During February, a brand-new, fan-first indoor football league called XFL provided fans with opportunities to witness increased game action, get ultra-access and soak in more enjoyment. St. Louis stepped up to establish one of the eight teams that competed in this new league--a team that was ready to do battle. Hence, they were named the St. Louis BattleHawks. 

“We've had the opportunity to build our playbook, where everything was a blank canvas. We got to be really creative and now it's real,'' says Kurt Hunzeker, a St. Louis native and University of Missouri-Columbia graduate. “It's been wonderful seeing the reaction of the fans."

Kurt previously was vice president of marketing strategy and research for Minor League Baseball. Before that, he spent five years as senior director of brand marketing for St. Louis-based Rawlings. “With an opportunity to be a club president of one of the four professional sports teams in my hometown a possibility, I jumped at it. I knew this league was different. It became a no-brainer," he says. 

XFL is led by Vince McMahon, founder of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.). "Less stall, more ball" is how XFL managers describe this version of football, because it's a fast-paced game with fewer play stoppages. Add timing changes, commonsense rules changes, and five game-play innovations, and it's showtime for this league. 

The St. Louis team was part of the league's East Division. 

XFL leaders say they wanted the games to be affordable, professional football. Single game tickets start at $20. 

The league's players say they are committed to being community leaders. Whether it’s player meet-and-greets, Q&As with the coach, or connecting with student athletes, XFL representatives appear motivated to share the love of football. Additionally, with the XFL’s Football Advisory Network (F.A.N.), football fans have opportunities to share feedback about the new league, helping to design the XFL fan experience and shape the game together.

St. Louis played three games on ESPN, three on FOX, two on FS1 and one on FS2, with their last game slated to air on either ESPN or FS1.


April 5 vs. Tampa Bay Vipers; game starts 11 a.m. CST at The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis.

April 12 vs. DC Defenders; game starts 2 p.m. or 5 p.m. CST at The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis. 

The East Final is scheduled for Saturday, April 18, (2 p.m. CST, FOX), and the West Final will be held Sunday, April 19, (2 p.m. CST, ESPN). The first-place team in each division will host its respective division final. 

Following the regular season, the top two teams in each division will square off for the right to play for the league championship on Sunday, April 26, at 2 p.m. CST (ESPN).

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