Starting New With Purpose

Michael Heyen’s Meaningful Second Career

Have you ever wanted to do something different but had no idea what you should do instead? Michael Heyen experienced this feeling while working in the information technology world. In May 2022, he took a leap of faith and decided to pursue a life redesign and hasn’t looked back.

Michael grew up on a farm in Illinois and attended college at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee where he met his wife, Lanetta. He started out in the finance field but transitioned into IT while implementing financial applications for FedEx and healthcare companies. In 2001, a close friend convinced him to take a position in Nashville, so Michael and his young family headed east and settled in Franklin where they have lived ever since.

As COVID disrupted the world, Michael also felt the impact personally, professionally and more importantly, spiritually. A number of issues early last year, including the departure from his company of his entire IT team and many close friends, prompted some soul searching. One day, he received a message on LinkedIn asking if he would be interested in starting his own local business. He did some research on possible options and prayed through the process that doors would be closed to the roads he should not take. One business opportunity remained wide open -- Hello Garage.

“I looked into the company and thought everything about it was attractive and just had a gut feeling that something was special,” Heyen says. He had always loved the idea of providing a service to people and wanted to upgrade his own garage, so it felt right. But it was when he visited the headquarters in Omaha that he knew it was the place for him. During a question and answer session, the CEO stated, “This is a Christian family-based company and with Hello Garage, we are able to accomplish kingdom’s work.”

Heyen admits it is a challenge to leave the security of a monthly corporate paycheck, but he stands by his decision. “I love what I am doing and trusting God for the outcome," he says. "People call me that want to update and elevate their garage space, so it is a positive experience. I can be salt and a light to a whole new community that I would’ve never been exposed to previously.”

In December 2022, he was reminded that he made the right choice. “Lanetta and I were driving to pick up our grandson on New Year’s Eve for our first sleepover with G-Pa and Netta and suddenly were sideswiped off Interstate 65 by a hit-and-run driver.” Their car flipped over the guardrail and went into a ravine. “We see the pictures of the car (total loss) and are amazed we walked away unscathed.” That event renewed his focus on being a local business owner that helps others and a living example of God’s grace and protection.


Michael and his wife, Lanetta, have lived in Franklin for 22 years. They have raised their children (Brady, Anna, and Colton) here and recently became first time grandparents!  They both love the gorgeous homes in the area. Lanetta is a realtor of 15 years and together, through Hello Garage, Michael is excited to help homeowners make their homes even better with their own dream garage!

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