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Invest in your yard with help from local pros

Everybody is looking for a little curb appeal or some wow factor in their yard.

And to help you get there, local pros like Matt Lin from The Finish Guys and Jeff Wosleger of Budget Blinds can make a client's dreams come true.

Whether it's a new deck or porch, Matt can help with that, or a screened-in pergola, Jeff has you covered. 

What are the pros and cons of wood vs. a composite deck or porch?
Matt: With wood, the downside is upkeep and expansion and contraction of the product itself, which can create gaps. Composite products reduce upkeep and don’t contract as much. Keep in mind that the darker colors attract more sunlight, and can make the deck hot on bare feet.

What is the screen product called?
Jeff: It’s an exterior shade system from Draper. Their DNA is in commercial shade and solar solutions, so to have this available as a residential option is fantastic for homeowners. It’s a fully framed system of tracks that hold the shade in place so it doesn’t dangerously blow in the wind. 

Editor's note: Responses were edited and condensed for clarity

"We want to make sure we’re delivering a really great experience every time." - Jeff Wosleger | Budget Blinds of Long Branch | 732.654.6316

"If I'm doing a backyard vacation, I want my space to feel like that place," - Matt Lin | The Finish Guys LLC | 732.850.5420

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