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Sama Food for Balance

From the moment I walked into Sama, tucked away upstairs on East Andrews, I felt at home. I was attending a Mindful Mornings meeting, where thoughtful men and (mostly) women gather to learn, meditate and exchange good vibes. Afterwards, I stayed on for meal. Their paleo bowl blew my socks off. The bowl of cauliflower rice, turkey meatballs, shocked spinach, summer squash with leeks, charred red pepper salad, coconut marinara, cashew green dream dressing was a dream. Sama's food will leave you fueled, but not fussily full. We asked the owner, Shannon Sliger, to help us get off on the right foot this month. Here's her doctrine. Study up!

We do a TOTALLY different cleanse than anyone else. The Kitchari cleanse is a warming, grounding cleanse based around kitchari, a split mung bean soup with healing spices, herbs, and vegetables. You start the day with a hot tonic of green tea, lemon, ginger, turmeric and honey.  Several liver cleansing juices follow, warming, cleansing teas, kitchari soup with ginger pickle and cilantro at lunch, more juice, tea, and kitchari for dinner followed by digest tea. All of the ingredients are geared toward stoking one's digestive fire and getting a sluggish metabolism back into balance. In three to seven days, your palate will be craving healthy options again, it will help in losing a few pounds, promotes clearer skin, removes brain fog, leaving you with more energy, vitality, and creativity.  

We also offer an all juice cleanse called LET IT GO. It is a game changer in the all juice fasting in that you take an 8 oz. juice every hour which prevents the hangry from coming on. Traditional juice cleanses do 16 oz juices every 2-2.5 hours leaving you really hungry. Before you have a chance to think about food it's time for your next juice. This cleanse is aptly named because each ingredient is chosen for being mildly laxative.  It is what most people think of a cleanse. The juices are delicious and the cleanse will help you LET IT GO.  

A 3-day cleanse from SAMA comes with a complimentary meditation class: Kundalini or The {SAMA} Class.  



56 East Andrews Drive, Buckhead

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