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: Create a retreat right in your own backyard

Having a backyard oasis and entertainment space where family and friends love to congregate is the goal of many homeowners, especially now. Why get on a plane or travel many miles to a resort when you can create one in your own backyard? Of course, to make it the best destination possible, you’ll need to have a pool.

Whether you have a small yard or half an acre, The Pool Boss can help design and install the perfect luxury pool for your space. “Because our pools are not prefabricated, we really can customize the pool in terms of size and shape to fit into your backyard,” says Terry Argenziano, who owns the company along with her husband Christopher, a third-generation swimming pool builder. For extremely small yards, The Pool Boss can also install spools. A spool is a custom compact pool that has the ability to feel like a spa, by adding additional jets, or you can simply refrain from the extra jets, and it will then feel more like a Cocktail Pool.

Today, she says, rectangular shaped pools are the most popular. “They’re timeless, and we have the ability to add automatic safety covers on them. We’re also getting receiving requests for less deep pools, 6 feet instead of 8 feet deep is definitely a trend in recent years.” And, she adds, homeowners want larger shallow areas where people and kids can just hang out. Swim-up bars, ledge loungers on sundecks, and benches are fun and popular options too.

Homeowners are also looking to add other amenities around the pools, such as fire pits, fire bowls, outdoor kitchens, and patio areas which can be used all year round.

Having an outdoor television is also a big plus. You can actually float in the pool while watching a movie or relax on the patio by the fire pit while rooting for your favorite sports teams. Why not include a pavilion in your plan where you can place comfortable conversational seating and enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail or just sit back and read a book? Paradise!

With over 25 years of professional design experience, The Pool Boss offers a full concierge experience, taking care of everything from the very beginning to the amazing, finished project. “We design it all and also permit everything for the homeowners - we do all the legwork, all the paperwork,” says Terry.

The Pool Boss is not just a design build company, it’s also a service company and offers a Weekly Pool Valet Service. “If we build your pool, we can open it, maintain it, and close it,” says Terry. “We really pride ourselves on the customer service we offer but also, of course, on the quality of our pools. We're providing the best quality that's currently available in our industry and that gives homeowners peace of mind.”

When planning to install a pool, it’s important to start as early as possible. “It's never too soon to file for a permit in New Jersey [it can take three to four months to receive it, and they are good valid for up to a year in most towns], plus it takes time for the town to approve the plans,” she says. “Since our installation team is in house, and we do not close our doors for the winter months, once the permit is approved, digging can start at any time during the year, even in the cold winter months.”

So, don’t just imagine enjoying an incredible retreat in your own backyard, get started on it now. For more information, and to see some of the extraordinary pool areas they have created, go to

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