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Stay Positive

Start the New Year with Good Vibes

1. Vinyl stickers to customize anything, are waterproof/dishwasher safe. From local company, | 2. Build your custom punch needle pillow from a rainbow of colors, $65. The Cluttered Wall, | 3. Restore calm and clarity with this set of 20 cards featuring perspectives on life, $20. West Coast Provisions, 2735 NW Crossing Dr., Bend | 4. Color block print, 12" x 12" by PNW artist, $35. Merryweather Home•Gift•Design, The Box Factory, Bend | 5. Wear a mask for health, and for HOPE, $13.99. Not Today Tees, | 6. Burning sage purports to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, $12-$15. Merryweather Home•Gift•Design, The Box Factory, Bend | 7. Kindness starts with each of us, so wear it proudly. Be Kind sweatshirt, $56. Pink version available at Wren and Wild, 112 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend | PHOTO: August Ink.