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Staying Cool

Maximize Your AC This Summer with Energy-Efficient Windows

Arizona summers can be even hotter and more costly if your home’s precious cool air escapes. One of the fastest ways cool air can get outside is through poor window installation or worn-out windows. It is essential to ensure your windows are in good condition. Local business owners at Desert King Windows ( have great tips and advice on keeping you and your family cool and comfortable.

Serving Our Community 

Jayson Shortt, owner and CEO of Desert King Windows, says the company has been serving residents throughout the Valley for more than two decades.

“We have managed to serve over 30,000 customers in that time for one reason: we take care of our customers," Short explains. "We have perfected the art of replacing windows and doors by making the process as easy on our customers as possible."

Why Replace Your Windows?

According to Desert King Windows Sales Manager Koby Decker, you should look at replacing your windows for many reasons.

“In terms of age, windows can deteriorate as quickly as five years," Decker explains. "When your home has aluminum window frames or single pane glass, they heat up so much in the summer that they effectively cook the seals and cause them to disintegrate and fall apart.” 

This, in turn, causes failure in the weatherstripping and allows cool air from your A/C unit to pump out of all the cracks and holes that are left behind.

Decker adds that upgrading your windows, especially before the hot summer months, is extremely impactful for your home's design and efficiency.

“Once all the air leaks are sealed with new windows, the AC unit will quickly pressurize and cool down your home instead of blowing cold air at hot surfaces," says Decker. "If you want your AC to last longer and that unit to work half the time, then replacing doors and windows is the first step.”

Working With Desert King Windows

According to the Desert King Windows team, its priority is proper installation and ensuring clients understand the process step-by-step.

"When we work with you, you are given different options for installation, which leads to different home aesthetics," explains Decker. "We will walk you through those options, so you have a choice instead of [us] trying to force just one technique on you.”

A few factors can affect the price and project cost for replacing windows, including the number of windows you want to replace and the type of property. Also, education is key when working with window replacement companies, so be sure to do your homework and be selective with the company you choose.

Decker explains that it is vital for homeowners to understand the process along the way.

“Education is important. During our demonstrations, we educate homeowners on how new products can make their homes more energy efficient and how their homes can become more comfortable. The goal is to ensure your home is operating at its peak performance, and in Peoria, that means keeping the hot air out and the cool air in.”

Desert King Windows invites readers to contact them for an estimate or to check the condition of your home's windows. They offer military and first responder discounts and financing on approved credit. Desert King Windows is licensed and bonded, ensuring that you put your home in the hands of professionals. 

We perfected the art of replacing windows and doors by making the process as easy on our customers as possible.

  • Koby Decker, Desert King Windows Sales Manager
  • Owner & CEO Jayson Short
  • Sales Manager Koby Decker (L) and Owner/CEO Jayson Short (R)