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Step Out of your Comfort Zone, Be Adventurous

Explore Unique Wines with Kindred Spirits & Wine

Article by Monica Mcall

Photography by Provided by Kindred Spirits & Wine

Originally published in Fairfield Lifestyle

An adventurous person is eager to try new things, explore, learn, and expand their horizons. Whether it is food, travel or wine and spirits, stepping out of our comfort zone to experience something different can be exciting and rewarding. It is easy to stick with your tried-and-true but challenge yourself to be curious and explore the world with a sense of wonder.

When it comes to wine, being adventurous involves exploring unique, unconventional, or exotic options that push the boundaries of traditional offerings.  Seek out different grape varieties, regions, and styles to expand your palate and discover new favorites.  If you have a favorite grape varietal, some options share similarities. Below are a few examples. 

For Sauvignon Blanc lovers: Try a white wine from Greece made from the Moschofilero (moosh-ko-fee-lair-oh) grape. It is a richly aromatic, lively white wine from the hilly Peloponnese region, bright with refreshing and expressive citrus flavors.

For devoted Chardonnay lovers: Broaden your scope with an Alvarinho from Portugal or Albariño from Spain. Same grape, different countries. It has a similar full-bodied, lush and creamy citrus experience in the mouth to Chardonnay.

For Pinot Noir lovers: Grab a bottle of Schiava instead. It grows in the Veneto region of Italy and shares Pinot’s light body with red fruit notes and low tannins. An excellent choice for warm summer days; put a chill on it and enjoy!

For Cabernet Sauvignon lovers: Look for something similarly big, bold, and beautiful. The Mourvèdre grape grown in the Bandol region of southern France is a worthy substitute. You can also find it in Spain, known as Monastrell, in the region of Jumilla. Perfect for the barbecue!

Another way to branch-out is to attend local wine tastings. It is a great way to sample a variety of wines in a structured setting. Look for tastings that focus on a specific theme or region to deepen your understanding and appreciation of different wines.

If spirits and cocktails are more your lane of enjoyment, experiment with different spirits and look for small, artisanal producers and even something made locally. Get creative with cocktail-making by incorporating unexpected ingredients such as herbs, spices, bitters, or unusual spirits. Experiment with flavor combinations to create your signature drinks. Participate in workshops or mixing masterclasses that focus on unique spirits (check out Kindred Spirits & Wine—Spirits & Staves Society). These experiences can provide valuable insights and new perspectives on the world of drinks. 

For the Summer of 2024, be open, curious, and adventurous. Embrace the unknown and expand your horizons to wine and spirits, cuisines, and cultures. You may discover something new!  

Show your artistic side this summer and hone your skills by trying an unconventional and seasonally fun and refreshing beverages using some unique ingredients.

Lavender French 75

½ cup ice

2 oz Nordes Gin

½ oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

Juice of 1 lemon

1 oz Collins Lavender Simple Syrup

Borgo Molino Motivo Prosecco

Berries and mint for garnish

Add ice to a cocktail shaker. Add gin, orange liqueur, lemon juice and simple syrup. Pour into a chilled glass and top off with prosecco and fresh berries.

Kindred Spirits & Wine is a local wine shop with four locations – Fairfield, Westport, Monroe and Shelton. They have a well-curated shelf of wines from around the world. Each weekend they offer in-store tastings and monthly they have educational wine tasting events to enhance your discovery. Monica McCall is the Wine Director who goes above and beyond to bring wines of great quality and value at every price point.

2260 Black Rock Turnpike

Fairfield, CT 06825

(203) 374-0040

Seek out different grape varieties, regions, and styles to expand your palate and discover new favorites.