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Where community and football unite

Tailgating is more than just a prelude to sports. It’s a vibrant celebration of community and a ritual that transcends the boundaries of age, background and team loyalties. It’s a time-honored tradition that brings together friends, families and newcomers alike, uniting them in the collective spirit of cheering on their team. In these festive atmospheres, the connections formed over grilling, games and spirited conversations create a tapestry of togetherness that strengthens the bonds of community and showcases the true essence of the game day experience. 

Stephen O’Brien has experienced a diverse journey through various experiences that have shaped his current path. In his early twenties, Stephen had a unique opportunity working for Southwest Airlines, allowing him to travel all across the country. However, a significant turning point occurred when he met his now wife and her brother who was a local firefighter, which in turn introduced him to the world of emergency medical services. Motivated by a desire to make an impact, Stephen left the airline industry to pursue his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification and later his paramedic license. As he sprinted into this new direction, he discovered a deep-seated passion for the medical field and the profound fulfillment of assisting those in need with Sumner County EMS.

Over the years, and after many emergency calls for service, Stephen found himself answering a different call. He sensed a new season of life was upon him and he felt led into the insurance world, a defining change from the previous professional life he had known. 

Stephen embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly and he once again sprinted into a new adventure, eventually opening his own insurance agency in Gallatin. Admiration for all people has been a part of Stephen’s mission for quite some time and the love for football and community has become a great way for him to edify that. 

The inspiration for The O’Brien Agency’s tailgates before every Gallatin High School home football game also draws inspiration from several other sources, including his deep passion for college football. Another nostalgic influence comes from Stephen’s own previous high school experiences on Friday nights at Hendersonville High School football games showing school spirit with banners, flags and cheering as a student himself.

Now, Stephen’s tailgating mission is simple: cater to everyone, listen to some good music, unwind in a comfortable chair or participate in various cornhole or frisbee games and make sure there are enough gold towels (Stephen's GHS version of the "Terrible Towel") and pom-poms to go around! Stephen believes in building genuine connections with our community and at their tailgates located just outside of the Green Wave stadium, Stephen and his team focus on personal conversations about life and interests. As close as Gallatin is as a community, there are still those like Stephen and his team who continue to make it their goal to bring community members together even more, in any way possible–and the magic of camaraderie and tailgates does just that!

Tailgating allows us to get to know the community and allows everyone to get to know us. We love the people of Gallatin and we want them to know how much we love this community!

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